Louder Thundering Hoofbeats

As if we needed more proof that the world is going to hell:

Cornish scone lovers react with fury after ad shows the tasty treat with CREAM on first instead of jam

There’s even photographic evidence of this atrocity:

End Times, folks.

(And by the way, the correct pronunciation is “skonn“, not “skohn“. And the Scottish coronation stone named “Scone” is pronounced “Skoon” — as per BBC Scotland. Take note; there will be a test. The world may well be coming to an end, but that’s no excuse to let speech standards slip.)


  1. We fought a war to be able to call baked treats how the frack we want to and to put whatever we want on them in whatever order we want to put them.

    If King George …. er or Queen Elisabeth (or any of their other Kraut royalty) wants to make me change how I say or eat a scone, they will need to send an army over here to do it.

  2. If you put the jam on first, it would seem that the cream would kinda slide off when you apply it. I need to do some research.

    BTW, I’m not a complete novice here. I have extensive experience with real Southern biscuits, butter, and preserves. The butter is applied to the lower half of the biscuit and allowed to melt while the preserves are spread liberally on the upper half. Then we mash the halves together to make a conceptual whole.

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