Dangerous Shitholes

Here’s an interesting article, which ranks cities by the number of homicides per 100,000 population.

I am amazed by only two exclusions from the list: Chicago and Johannesburg, which I would have thought would be a lead-pipe cinch for top 10 placings, let alone being out of the top 50 altogether.

As for the U.S. cities that did make the list: they’re all run by Democrats, ergo all run according to Third World governance principles. There’s one other common factor, but I’m not going to say it because rayyyyciss.


  1. Is it racist if one states clear and proven facts or is it racist if one avoids stating
    clear and proven facts?

      1. Indeed. In Canada or Europe, you can get rounded up and charged with a hate crime for posting factual information on Facebook that makes someone feel bad.

  2. It may well be that in those two cities – and who knows, others – the police and hospitals no longer bother to report unidentified gunshot dead as victims of homicide. As you observed, they’re run by Democrats or equivalent.

    1. In the wake of Parkland, and the revelations about the ‘Promise Program’, I am depressed to find that this idea would not surprise me.

  3. Signs your city may be a third world shitthole:
    -You have razorwire and guards around your house, and you’re not rich.
    -And that’s in the “good” neighborhood
    -The pavement exist soley to give definition to the potholes
    -The power works only about half the time, and UPS’s/ backup gensets are essential
    -Drink the water? That’s funny- the berky is on the counter
    -You don’t drive at night, and never let the ladies drive alone.
    -Or even shop alone
    -Your citizen friends are even more paranoid about security than you are
    -The store parking lots are fenced, and have guards
    -The banks run out of small bills during election year
    -Your ER is in another country

  4. Interesting. With the exception of St. Louis, MO the top 40 are in areas with gun controls that liberals only dream of.

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