Sexy Genarians

Oh good grief, here we come again:

Sex is best in your SIXTIES: Survey finds 66-year-olds are the most satisfied in bed – and sex therapists say it makes sense
The eighth annual Singles in America survey was taken by more than 5,000 single people in the US.
It found single women are having the best sex at 66 years old and men at 64.
Sex therapist Dr Madeleine Castellanos said lovemaking is more fulfilling for single men and women in their 60s because they are experienced, they know what they want and are free to explore the dimensions of their sexuality.
While many think younger people have a better time knocking boots, the recent survey revealed it actually gets better with age.
In fact, a study published by National Commission on Aging found women, in particular, said sex in their 70s was at least as satisfying or more satisfying physically than it was in their 40s.

As someone who’s in his sixties, I’ll let you know as soon as it happens. (Actually, that’s a lie: I never talk about my sex life, such as it is, because I can’t imagine anything more boring.) I would imagine, however, that having a little knee-trembler with any of the following sexagenarians might be quite fun:

Cherie Lunghi:

Lynda Carter:

Sela Ward:

Marina Sirtis:

Jane Seymour:

Dana Delany:

…and finally, Kim Cattrall:

Swinging sixties, indeed. And if none of the above caused at least some parts of your body to tingle, you’re in deep trouble, buddy, regardless of your age.

Oh, and just to be inclusive, a token trio of sexagenarian men for my Lady Readers:

Liam Neeson:

Chris Noth:

…and Kevin Costner:

Or did I get this last lot wrong, Ladies? (I have no idea what men are attractive to women, unless I know the size of their bank balances. Then, I’m infallible.)




    1. Gotta tell you: ol’ Kim has personality in spades, and I bet she’d be a lot of fun on a date.

  1. Hah – still keeping it classy Kim.

    For me, it has to be Bruce Willis (definitely and several times), Anthony Hopkins (for the voice), And if I could get him to lie about his age…. Brad Pitt.

    1. I nearly put Bruce Willis in, but he’s kind of an obvious choice… and Brad Pitt? He’s a child, FFS.

  2. Lynda Carter was hot when I was in my 20’s. She still looks pretty fine when I’m in my 60’s. I think that the secret to good sex – at any age – is quality not quantity. At my age though I understand that any time momma and I get it on might be our last so we try very hard to make the experience fun for both of us.

  3. Over the last few months the wife and I have been watching the TV series “Body of Proof”, starring Dana Delany. I have been admiring/drooling over Dana Delany and co-star Jeri Ryan during the whole series (the wife likes a few of the men as well). I had NO IDEA of the age of Dana Delany until this post… Jeri Ryan is a few years old than I am. My wife has been laughing about this for hours now. (My appreciation has not been reduced at all.)

    FWIW – “Body of Proof” has been a generally enjoyable TV show, recommended if you are interested in crime/medical shows. And you get the bonus of watching Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan all the time, generally dressed up in attractive professional clothes. For some reason I notice a lot of the shots show off heels and legs, can’t imagine that was by accident…. We are watching via the Hulu service.

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