A Day That Will Live, Etc.

Seeing as we’re at December 7, perhaps we should do a little historical review:

I guess we’re all buddy-buddy with the Japanese now; but just as a reminder to the NorKs, let’s review what happened to the people who caused the above explosion not too long afterwards:

General advice: When it comes to the USA, don’t ever mistake “gentleness” for “weakness”… you bastards.


  1. To demonstrate that you are showing restraint this time, sometimes you must show a lack of restraint.

  2. Unfortunately here in Liberal-land, it’s also a time for stupid comments.

    One of the stupidest I’ve heard on the topic, on the day Paul Tibbets (pilot of the Enola Gay which hit Hiroshima) died, someone I know said “Imagine joining the military just to make money for college and having to do something like that”. I informed the idiot that (1) The GI Bill was passed in 1944, and anyone after that time who “joined just to make money for college” who didn’t expect to see combat was too stupid to be in the military (2) Paul Tibbets was in the military WELL before 1944, and indeed before 1941 (in fact he enlisted in 1937) and (3) they wouldn’t entrust a war-ending mission like that to someone who wasn’t up for the task.

    1. Plus, Col. Tibbets was in on developing the Silverplate B-29’s from the start, not some random schlub pulled in to pilot.
      He knew what he was doing, and was never ashamed.

  3. Back in 1990, during the controversy over the Enola Gay exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of American History (which spent more time dwelling on the “horrors” of Hiroshima than on the horrors inflicted by the Japanese in China, the Philippines, SE Asia, etc) my unit deployed over to Korea for the annual “Team Spirit” excercise.

    Right outside of Osan AB, South of Seoul, I remember seeing a shop that sold T-shirts to GI’s and one of them showed an outline of Japan with mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the caption underneath read:

    “Don’t start a war if you can’t take a joke.”

    Even at that time there would probably be those who considered it crass, but given Korea’s history with regard to the Japanese, I don’t think anyone would argue with a Korean about it.

    1. Heh, I have one of those shirts buried in the closet somewhere. Might have gotten at the same shop while I was there in 85-86.

    2. As they say, don’t start nothin’, won’t BE nothin’

      Then again my Daddy always taught me never to start a fight, but to make sure I threw the last punch….

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