But It’s Wrong When We Do It

Here’s an interesting survey:

Career women in Britain and the US are paying £150 an hour for sex with male escorts and are happy to splash out thousands if they stay for the weekend
Men were thought to be the primary market for male escorts, but now women are the major employers of male escorts in the UK
Women who buy sex are usually in their 30s and 40s and professional
Some say they’re ‘too busy’ for relationships as they prefer to focus on work
But, unlike men, they want more than intercourse: like a drink or meal before sex

Of course, when we men do this kind of thing with female escorts (i.e. prostitutes), we’re “exploiting women”, “treating women like meat” etc. etc., ad nauseam.

Someone remind me: when will the Cherry 2000 sexbot become available?


  1. I’m more confused by the fact that this market even exists. I’ve yet to meet a woman under 50 who rates a 3 or higher that can’t find a tolerably decent looking guy willing to buy dinner and schtup her.

    1. These women are hiring men for the same reason men hire women.

      They aren’t paying for the sex, they’re paying them to go away afterwards.

      1. No, they are paying for men that gives them the illusion that their saggy asses deserve a hot, young, alpha stud muffin

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