1. I was bored Thursday afternoon, so I decided to drop by the local Best Buy to see what was going on.

    I got there, and the line didn’t look too bad: Just a hundred or so people lined up on the sidewalk.

    Parked the car, walked to the end of the line… and found out it continued around the corner with another three or four hundred people.

    Went home.

  2. That picture looks like it was taken in the Eaton Centre here In Toronto. Christmas season shopping, and one of the reasons why I avoid malls like the plague.

  3. Once and a while the Progressives get something right. Or at least some do.

    REI closes their stores and gives their employees a day off. Their statement for the day is “Go outside”.

    1. I waste some time in the weeks running up to Thanksgiving sending harsh emails and tweets to companies that open on Thanksgiving, and thankful ones to those that close (like Menards in our area). Black Friday belongs on Friday. Walmart, Best Buy, Target, all those stores will get no business from me now until after Christmas. I’ll stick to stores that honor the Thanksgiving holiday and allow their employees to do the same.

      But no Black Friday shopping (save online) no matter what. Its just not worth the hassle.

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