After a comment from Longtime Friend & Reader Mh jogged my memory, I need to ask a favor of everyone.

I’d like to attend next year’s SHOT Show. If anyone can provide me with Press- or retailer accreditation, I would be forever in your debt. 

And if any of the Vegas locals would care to put me up for a couple-three nights, I will bring a bottle or so of single malt in gratitude.

Readers can expect the usual trenchant reports on what I see at the show.

I should point out that Las Vegas is one of my least-favorite cities in the world, so this would be a huge sacrifice I’d be making for the sake of my Readers. I won’t be flying because TSA, so it’ll be a road trip too.

One last point: I’ll just have returned from the last leg of my sabbatical in Britishland, so if personal circumstances (e.g. poverty) cause me to have to cancel, you can’t pout.

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  1. If I still lived there I’d have been happy to provide a place, without regard to your opinion of my birth and hometown. But to be fair it used to be a much nicer place before so many outsiders moved there in the late ’70s on. When I was growing up it was still a large town at heart. I don’t really feel home there any more.

    I never managed to get SHOT credentials. I used to be able to get into other conventions (CES, COMDEX, and most wonderful of all, SEMA. But SHOT was much harder to get past the initial screening. Even after a friend went to work for one of the larger gunshops in town, he was unable to get access to the show, despite after pulling strings from distributors, etc.

    Things may have changed with internet and cable show coverage. I hope you’re able to go; I (and I expect others) would value your insight. And the LaRue Tactical booth often gives away some nice custom tactical beverage openers.

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