1. I have found some sites/pages work best with an adblocker. One news source that I go to on a regular basis requires TWO types of adblockers just to stop the annoying auto play videos that will pop up while you are scrolling down a news story. I don’t mind the small occasional ads that aren’t obtrusive. It’s the ones that cover the whole damned screen and won’t go away no matter what you do without an adblocker.

  2. I’ve been using a plug in called “silent site sound blocker”, because one of the sites I go to has found a way to get their ad videos past adblocker. So with this I can turn off all sound to all websites unless I give them permission, either permanently or one-time use. The videos still play, but there’s no annoying sound to piss me off. I tend to read a blog or news story and open links that are used as reference in another tab for later perusal, and got annoyed when I had to figure out which tab started playing a video, but no more!

  3. “that’s the whole point of my using AdBlocker” +1
    ” a pox on auto-play videos on any website.” +1

  4. In addition to being annoying, ads are a vector for malware plus coding errors can lock up a website and will use more bandwidth. No way am I turning mine off.

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