Better Things To Do

I was not here over the weekend. Feel free to follow the link to find out why. Okay, here’s a hint:

Also, this.

Nor, for that matter, was I here. Another hint as to why:

Instead, I was over at the King’s Arms with the Englishman, listening to a local band performing on the pub’s lawn:

No police presence required, no obnoxious displays of flesh, no loud noises (other than the occasional burst of laughter from Yours Truly back in the pub); just families having a good time on a gorgeous summer’s day. Catering was likewise discreet:

…and provided locally-made hamburgers and sausages:

Altogether, I think you’ll agree that I had the better time of it.


  1. ” OH MY ! ” Goodness, that sure is some strange goings on. I guess you could best describe it as: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK !

    1. Quite good, I like that, a subtle comment, “the empire”, meaning blecks, chinks, chongs, dagos, spics, wogs, mogs, fuzzie wuzzies and that word that only Major Gowen was allowed to utter on TV in the last 50 years without being lynched.

      They are indeed striking back, but the Brits seem to have invited them into the gates.

      Ah well, we live in the best of all possible worlds.

      1. “…the Brits seem to have invited them into the gates.”

        Well, they let ME into the country…

    1. Castle, of course. In my day, we simply referred to it as the “taste” — as in, “Want to go out for a little taste?”
      (Their motto back then was “The Taste That’s Stood The Test Of Time”.)

      And for the record, the Rhodesian Castle (a.k.a. “small label Castle” because of its, duh, smaller label than the Seffrican one) was magnificent, maybe even better than the Castle south of the border.

  2. I would have a whole list of better things to do than 1 or 2. Good way to an early grave if you ask me.

  3. Sounds like you came away with much the better deal. That…and in not being in Texas as it goes under the waves. My word, what a horrible mess.

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