1. That is a nice picture indeed. However, I suspect that in actual practice, spearing the lotus would result, at least in my case, of an embarrassing phone call to the EMT’s. ” Uh, yeah, my wife needs an ambulance. I think she broke her pelvis. No, I can’t check, my legs are tied together. No, not with rope, with themselves.”

  2. This reminds me of an NYPD Blue, in which Detective Medavoy, the dorky blond guy, finally got laid. The cops are looking into a situation where an elderly widow (60-65) is having sex with a much younger man (20-something). They interview him, trying to suss out his ulterior motive, but he tells them it’s the best sex he’s ever had: “what that woman knows about full-contact yoga and tantric bending…”

    (Medavoy then interviews the widow, who says her late husband was a wonderful guy, but not much of a lover. And after mourning him, she decided to have a lot of sex, and she studied and practiced. “Would you like to have sex, Detective?”)

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