Then And Now

Just to prove that there’s nothing new under the sun…



I should point out that while the girl in the first pic has assumed a rock-steady stance for a gun rest, the same is not true for the girl in the second pic. I blame the public school system, NBC’s Olympic coverage of Women’s Gymnastics, and Democrats in general.

Also, modernity does have its drawbacks. The girl in the first picture is unlikely to experience any untoward effects, other than perhaps some black-powder smoke in her eyes (and she’s wearing a bonnet to help prevent that; very responsible). Unfortunately,and thanks to the rapid-fire ability of the AR-15 and the concomitant warming of its barrel, the girl in the second pic is likely to experience a condition known to us Old Guys as “blistered furburger”.

Just sayin’. (And thanks to Reader Old Texan for the second pic.)


  1. If thats a Barrett, then the blast she’s going to take from the muzzle brake will be substantial and might cause quite an injury… hope it was staged and not fired.

  2. Furburger? Is that anything like a bearded clam?

    Alas a thing of the past in the age of Brazilian waxing.

      1. Yup, never liked the look. Trimmed is fine, but leave a little something to show you’ve passed puberty. I suspect it’s a function of when I grew up, born in 1963, first Playboys I ever saw were probably from the mid 1970’s, that was the look then.

  3. I can’t help but think that “Blistered Furburger” would be an awesome band name.

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