Camera Work

When getting a new smartphone or camera, the natural instinct is to take photos of people and things almost nonstop. However, care should be exercised, and people should take time to get practiced with features such as “focus” and “zoom” — and especially “zoom”. Take these two scenarios, for instance. In the first, our photographer wanted to capture this romantic picture of a couple kissing on London’s Tube, and share it with her friends.

What she wanted to send:

What actually arrived:

The second situation was a freshman coed who wanted to show her mother a cute picture of herself and her new roomie coming home from a sorority party, somewhat the worse for wear.

What she wanted to send:

What actually arrived:

Like I said: we really need to know how to work the technology…


  1. I think my wife has a bottle of spray bleach in the utility room for me to use on my eye balls if the second set of pictures is what it appears to be and damn Kim, come to your site and learn new, guess I never too old, stuff every day. Do you suppose one of those gals asks the other to give her a hand?

    1. LOL OT. I myself had to figure out whether the implement in question was a “two-man” or “solo” toy. Actually, I’m not interested in finding out which.

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