This Way To The Killing Pits

When banks wonder why everyone in the world thinks that “banksters” should be thrown off cliffs en masse, this would be one of the reasons.

From my bank (First National Poundoflesh, LLC) comes this little snippet:

So let me get this straight, you fucking Shylocks:  you institute a bullshit fee for “low debit card usage” (Ignoring the fact that it’s my money you’re sitting on as it earns interest for you), and then you have the unmitigated gall to post tips on how to avoid the fees?

Why not just eliminate the fee to start off with?

Actually, the reason they encourage use of the debit card is, of course, the transaction fee they levy on the retail outlet each time the card is used.

So if you don’t use your debit card that often, what you should do is buy something small (like pack of gum or a single can of Coke) several times a month.  No low usage charge, and practically nothing to the bank for the transaction fee.  Here’s the math:

Monthly low usage charge:  $8
Ten debit card transactions (to avoid the fee) @ (say) $1.50 ea. :  $15
Transaction fee total (@1.75%):  $0.26 income to the bank.

Add this bullshit to the 25,000 other reasons to hate banks.

The Real Redress

So Gen. Michael Flynn has had the nonsensical case against him dropped because the lying cocksuckers at the FBI tried to frame and railroad him with a bullshit charge, and the new heads at the DOJ decided to give up a lost cause.  (Side note:  it’s now time to remove the criminality of lying to a federal agent, or else extend the same criminality and punishments to the federal agent lying to you.)

The problem is that an innocent man has been bankrupted trying to defend himself against this blatant banana-republic connivance, and still stands under a cloud for no good reason, and the question remains:  how do we compensate Flynn for the harm to his reputation and for his financial harm?  There could be a lawsuit filed, but we all know that’s utter bullshit, he’ll get (if anything) pennies to the dollar and his lawyers will go away rich.  Trump’s muttering about a heavy price, but color me dubious.

Nor, I think, will James Comey, Strzok and their little band of merry men suffer any real distress for their own lawlessness — and if you think they will, I have a cute little bridge in Manhattan to sell you.  Actually, I’d rather sell you this.

I think POTUS should appoint Michael Flynn as head of the FBI, effective immediately.  And I want POTUS to tell Congress to appropriate a “director’s signing bonus” for Flynn equal to the amount he lost while struggling to defend himself against these sniveling assholes.

And Flynn should get a real fire-breathing set of deputies and assistants extending down the top four layers of FBI management across all their divisions, so that they can start a serious and thorough investigation into not just what happened to Flynn, but to everyone subjected to the same treatment over the past… say, twelve years.

Some good things would come of this.

For one thing, there will be mass resignations at the FBI as the rats will scatter to save their own skins, which is a good thing.  The fewer of these vermin in the once-proud agency, the better.

The next good thing is that the investigations I’ve suggested will pretty much paralyze the FBI for a good couple years, tying them up with endless paperwork and such, with all sorts of people looking over their shoulders, second-guessing themselves and generally being too frightened to go to the can without three levels of authorization.  The busier they are with this, the less time they’d have to perpetrate similar mischief on others.

The third thing, and the best of the lot, is an old-fashioned word:  revenge.  I want Flynn to flay these assholes from stem to stern, laying about him with vim and vigor, fucking up their lives as much as they fucked with his — just because he can.

And POTUS should announce that as a matter of policy, Flynn’s enemies shouldn’t bother filing lawsuits against his actions because he’ll just issue pardon after pardon, basically as redress for Flynn’s hardships suffered these past three or so years.

I’m looking for some Old Testament-style retribution here, because reasons.

Feel free to argue with me, but I have to tell you, you’d better be good because I’m in a particularly vengeful mood at the moment.  However, if you have ideas to make things even  worse for these FBI pricks, legally speaking, I’m all ears.

Racial Preferences

My first job as a teenager was as a computer operator at a large corporation, part of an expansion of the IT department’s mainframe system.  There was one other White male operator, and an Indian guy was the department supervisor.   As more operators were hired, all were Indians (coincidentally, all from the supervisor’s home city in India).

Within six months, I and the other White operator had been replaced by two Indians.

Several years ago, I knew a highly-respected senior executive at a huge multinational corporation who once attended a meeting with the IT department.  This having happened when globalism was all the rage, it will come as no surprise that almost all the people in the meeting were Indian men — and not one of them second-generation American, either:  all were recent immigrants.

Anyway, as the meeting went on, the language increasingly turned into Hindi — this in a company which insisted on English as its global language in all correspondence and conversation — and when my friend insisted that everyone speak English, the atmosphere turned hostile.  “But we understand each other better in our native language!” was the protest, whereupon my friend, not known for her tact, said, “Then you should have stayed in India, where everyone understands your home language.  Unfortunately for you, we’re in America, this is an American company, and our corporate language is English.”

Half an hour after the meeting’s conclusion, she was summoned to H.R., officially reprimanded for “cultural insensitivity”, and told to watch herself in future.

So she filed a formal complaint against H.R. for not enforcing corporate policy and (deliciously) adding that one of the men had referred to her as a “stupid bitch” during the meeting — unfortunately for him, one of the few Hindi expressions she understood — and she filed a complaint against him for sexual harassment.  He was “reassigned” to another division a week later, and the H.R. flunky was also officially reprimanded, by Legal this time.

It didn’t matter, though;  over time, the entire IT department became staffed by Indians, all H-1B visa holders.

It is a little-known fact of corporate life — not just here in the U.S., but in Britain as well, that unless checked, Indians will always hire other Indians, and if they can, they’ll displace non-Indians in order to do so.

And this is why I understand exactly what is going on in this little situation:

An Indian-run outsourcing company used Congress’s H-1B visa-worker program to systematically discriminate against American college graduates, according to a class-action lawsuit filed in New Jersey.
The company, named Wipro, “operates under a general policy of discrimination in favor of [imported] South Asians and against [American] individuals who are not South Asian and not Indian,” says the lawsuit, which was filed in New Jersey.

U.S. executives strongly favor outsourcing because it makes work easier for CEOs and H.R. managers, the Americans say to Breitbart News. The Indian workforces are easy to hire and fire, they don’t complain to managers, they do not make professional arguments against executives’ decisions, and they allow kickbacks via India or ancillary U.S. businesses, the Americans say.

Lovely, isn’t it?

I hope that this open secret gets whacked, and fast — and if it does, at least one good thing will have emerged from the Chinkvirus pandemic, as the massive job losses we’ve sustained have brought practices such as these to everyone’s attention.

And don’t let anyone get sidetracked into thinking that this comes from racial animus against Indians — because it’s the exact opposite:  Indians are discriminating against Whites, and as much as they might claim that this is all in the service of the great god “Cost-Cutting”, they’re lying.  It’s a way to get Indians hired, and a way to get tech expertise back to India.  (If you think I’m exaggerating, please prove me wrong by showing me the statistics proving that a large majority of Indian H-1Bs do not return to India, and go on to become U.S. citizens.  Good luck with that.)  It’s absolutely no different from the ChiComs infiltrating U.S. universities and taking expertise out of the country and back to China.

I hope that Wipro gets sued out of existence.

Chock Full

It’s hard to see how someone could fit any more annoying shit into a single headline:

And for those who, like me, might be clueless about someone named “Lizzo”, look it up online at your own peril.  Seriously:  have a barf bag ready.

Don’t even get me started  about the neo-globalist “One World” Kumbaya bullshit.


Very long; well worth the read.  (Come on:  you’re shut up indoors with fuck-all else to do;  read  the damn thing.)

If just about all the diseased are old-timers and/or people set with preexisting diseases, the entire response to the pandemic, by individual countries as well as by the global community, may very well be one huge overreaction.

According to the video of a Frenchman who claims to have lived 25 years in Hong Kong, one part of the world (and of China!) that is experiencing a low number of deaths in spite of all, or most of, its businesses remaining open. What is the secret? Every single person in the street is wearing a mask.

A nationwide scandal erupted in France a week or two ago when a Nice Matin journalist interviewed a woman on the town’s rocky beach. Christiane was tanning in a bikini, and declared that she wasn’t about to give up the sun rays. The next day, the written press picked up the story. They would quote her remarks, only to mention with disgust to what extent she was irresponsible, and selfish, and a shame to her community.
Truth to tell, Christiane may have come across as a bit snobbish and self-centered, but there was just one problem. Christiane was almost entirely alone on Nice’s long rocky beach near la Promenade des Anglais. The beach was virtually empty of people. There were perhaps 3 or 4 sunbathers or sunbathing couples in the background, perhaps 50 to 100 meters away, but otherwise it was deserted. (Indeed, the only time that Christiane was in potential danger or that she was a danger to others was when the Nice Matin journalist showed up!)

Makes sense to me.  Instead of our local KrimPo (Kriminal-Polizei)  arresting people for sunbathing on a deserted beach, or buying “non-essential” products to take home, why don’t they just arrest, detain or fine people for not wearing a mask in public?

Oh, but that would be too simple, you see;  not enough incentive to bully and/or fine people or look into their shopping bags.

Fuck ’em.  At some point, the history of this sad era will be written dispassionately, and the overarching conclusion is going to be that we overreacted, massively, our economy was shut down for no good reason, and governments needed to print trillions of non-existent dollars to “bail” people and businesses out of trouble — when all we needed was several hundred million cheap paper facemasks, and a temporary public order for everyone to wear the damn things outdoors.


Seen at Insty a while back:

Well, my initial reaction was:

“And I hope you fall overboard and get devoured by sharks.”

But I’ve had some time to think about it, and I’ve adopted a gentler, more measured response.

Now I just hope he falls overboard and drowns.

Did I ever mention before just how much I hate the recording industry?