Perfect Something

And another fine and wonderful thing comes under attack:

Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Creation Of Man, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is a symbol of white supremacy, according to one woke writer.

The world-renowned piece of art which features a white-skinned Adam reaching out his hand to God, has come under fire.

It has been called ‘the perfect convergence’ of Caucasian dominion.

My idea of “perfect convergence” would be that of an axe with this fuckwit’s head, but no doubt someone is going to have a problem with this.

Update:  Never mind;  it’s Robin DiAngelo.  Should have known.  Not even worth a rant, although I had one ready.  Every time this human shithole speaks, she lessens humanity’s sum of knowledge and goodness.

Worthless sack of wokist shit [redundancy alert].



  1. Every time I see an intellectual weakling use the term “white supremacy” I automatically think, “Of course!, thank you for noticing!”

    “Whites have been the human powerhouses for thousands of generations and it’s normal and expected for the lessers to be envious.”

    Every “lesser” would choose to be white in an instant if that option was possible. But that option is NOT possible so we laugh at you. LOL

    The time for coddling these assholes has went on for too long. The time for shaming, ostracizing, and beating their asses is past due.

  2. I’ve never heard of that woke imbecile, but I repeat myself. What other civilization can even come close to the triumphs and accomplishments of Western Civilization? China makes the best run at the title but they still fall short.

  3. She ( I guess its a she) is nothing more than the same goat fucking assholes who flew planes, their ilk could never have created, into buildings that they never could have built, in the same way spoiled children stomp on their toys because they only attain joy from destruction and ruining someone else’s enjoyment of a thing.

    1. I should modify the above to state, “The same way spoiled children stomp on SOMEONE ELSE’S toys, because they only attain joy from destruction and ruining someone else’s enjoyment of a thing”.

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