1. Thanks Fred Z. I knew Quantas had done something to inconvenience Kim and family, plus cost him serious money but couldn’t remember the exact circumstances.

      Flying to Oz is not a problem for me, as I will not travel anywhere there’s no Second Amendment in the U.S., let alone to a foreign country. (I’m too old and gimped-up to deal with their vibrant urban yoots on an equal basis.)

  1. My beloved daughter and the half-way decent son-in-law now live in Oz after 6 years in Texas. He’s a trust fund baby that his family sent here to suck up some of the American Dream, which he apparently did quite well. They process animal shit for fertilizer and have some portion of that market in Oz covered, market-share wise, and that suits me. He’s a decent chap, treats her like a princess, and I’m just sorry I don’t get to see them on the regular. Last Christmas he sent me and the Last Wife 1st Class tickets on the wallaby to visit them and we, well, how shall I say it, demurred. Sorry, not going to do it. They called my daughter a “gook” way back in the Long Ago when we adopted her from Cambodia and I’m just not going to let that go. I would rather ride on the back of a camel across a sand bog before I let Quantas enjoy a penny from my fare.

  2. TSA is bad enough for me. Their invasive searches are repugnant and then dealing with the airlines is even worse. If I can’t drive, then I’m just not going. Might make an exception after you posted pictures of the crystal blue waters off of Greece and their food.

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