Other Work*

I need to issue a Light Posting Alert for the rest of this week.  Because where I was once one and now we are two, we’re moving from my modest accommodation:

… to more palatial digs just across the road, so to speak:

Fortunately, we have few household belongings, relatively speaking.  Ye Olde Ammoe Locquer, however…

Wish me luck.

*Note:  this post may contain just a wee  bit of exaggeration.

New Link

He doesn’t post that often, but when he does, it’s a wonder of stream-of-consciousness bile and invective.  Just call him Ishmael:

…and in future you’ll find him among the permalinks over on the right-hand side of the page.

Terminology and Style Guideline

As of today, I will no longer refer to The Other Side as “Democrats” on these pages, but as either the “Socialist Party” or just simply “Socialists”.  (The capitalization merely differentiates said party’s supporters and politicians from generic socialists e.g. most Europeans and the Scots.) This will also apply to the acronym used after a politician’s name, e.g. “Chuck Schumer (S-NY)”.

Considering how the erstwhile Democrat Party’s platform has moved ever-leftward over the past couple of decades, it would be more honest of them to actually change their name to the above, but then again honesty is not a socialist (or Socialist) attribute, and never has been, in any country.  So I’ll just do it for them, the proto-fascist scum that they are.  (And for those Lefties who wail that Socialism is not the same as Nazism, please remind them — between kicks — that Nazism is simply a subset of Socialism.)