Striking Beauty

Out of sheer boredom, I was watching some piece of Netflix tripe called Designated Survivor, which is a peculiar mixture of dystopia and liberal bollocks (Cliff Notes: don’t bother).  Ordinarily, shows of this ilk get about ten minutes’ attention before I move on to another offering, but I didn’t do so with this one, and watched the entire first season.


Because the female costar was the astonishing Brit actress Natascha McElhone:

She’s one of those rare beauties who looks good even when she’s not made up and posed:

Ultimately, though, the basic premise of the show was settled by the final episode of Season 1, so the next (or any other future) season will remain unwatched.  And by the way:  Kiefer Sutherland (the show’s protagonist) is a total wuss.  [2,000 words about Canadian actors deleted]

Wondrous Woman

Longtime Readers of this website will know that despite its several formats, there has been one constant, to whit the statement that Lynda Carter is one of the most beautiful women who ever lived.  So without further preamble:


No need to thank me;  it’s all part of the service.

Fall Roundup

I thought I’d just post the pics that have been cluttering up various of my picture folders — women I meant to feature, but never got round to doing so.  Here they are, in no specific order:

Murkin pop singer Fergie: 

Brit pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who needs a few pasta dinners: 

Pier Angeli:

Carly Simon’s nipples (how I miss the 70s): 

Some anonymous Kitchen Hottie:

…and the ever-wonderful Helena Bonham Carter:

Classic Curves

Readerette TrueBrit mentioned Christina Hendricks a week or so ago, referring to her Mad Men character in a pink dress.  Here it is:

Okay, you guys can quit that unseemly howling now.

She doesn’t look too horrible in a modern dress, either:

Words fail me…


“Oh Kim,”  my Lady Readers moan, “you’re always showing boobs and beautiful women and such for the men;  how about a couple of pics for us girls?”

As I have no idea what makes a man attractive to women — or to be more concise, I have no idea how a woman’s mind works when it comes to what moistens their panties — I thought long and hard about this request.  I happen to know the preferences of a scant few of my Lady Readers because on occasion they’ve let it slip in Comments and emails.

Here’s one for Lady Reader TrueBrit, for example:

But even then I may have got it wrong.  Does she prefer the grizzled (mature) Pitt in the above picture, or is she still into “mothering” (for want of a better word) the Brad Pitt in the Legends Of The Fall era?

Or what about the middle era, in say, Ocean’s 11?

I have no idea.

Similarly, there’s perennial favorite Sean Connery.  How is anyone to know which version of Sean will cause a loosening of a lady’s panty elastic marital vows?

Don’t even get me started on Clinty…

And no doubt I’ll get some flak for having omitted someone like this Flavor-Of-The-Month:

Men are just so much easier to please…

Artistic Gingers

As Longtime Readers know, I have a stalking obsession errr weakness okay soft spot (so to speak) for ladies of the red-haired persuasion.

Ordinarily, then, I would post pics of sundry redheads below, of wondrous pulchritude and in varying degrees of undress.

Not today.  Today we’re going all cultural and artistic and stuff.

At least one famous artist has shared my fascination for gingers, in this case Austrian Secessionist supremo Gustav Klimt.  Here are a few excerpts from various of his paintings:

Consider yourselves artistically enriched.

Oh okay, you philistines;  here’s a ginger of a more recent vintage:

I think ol’ Gustav would have approved…