Burned Out

As I was gazing upon the umpteenth photograph of Christine McGuinness exercising in her back garden yesterday, I suddenly realized that I’m sick of the lockdown and the “news” it has engendered.

I must be getting old.

Wonderful Women: S (Part 3) Is For Stunning

Our final look at beauties whose names begin with the popular letter “S”, starting with Sheila Ryan:

…and from the same era, with her best come-hither look, Suzan Ball:

And Steffi Duna:

Then the more-modern Stella Stevens:

…followed by early Shirley Jones:

Let’s go to Yurp, and regard Austria’s Senta Berger:

From just over the Austrian border comes Stana Katic:

While back in the U.S. of A., there’s Dallas native Sarah Shahi:

And finally, one of my all-time favorites, Suzanne Pleshette (all from the same photoshoot):

And next week, at long last, we’ll have a teasing look at the next letter.

Wonderful Women: S Is Also For Sublime

Because I may have a little say over how this here back porch is run, I’m declaring today Sublime Mediterranean  Hottie Day — starting off with someone you may have seen featured on these pages once or twice before.  I speak of course of Sophia Loren, whom many years ago I declared one of the sexiest women in the world, and I’m happy to say that not much has changed my opinion since.

Wrenching myself away from Signora Ponti, here’s someone you will have seen in almost all Sophia’s movies, Scilla Gabel:

You may not remember seeing Scilla, but you did:  she was Sophia’s movie body double for over twenty years.

You might not think that Salma Hayek is Mediterranean, but her father was Lebanese, so she gets in under Kim’s Rules, Exception #7 (not that I think anyone’s going to complain):

Photo by Frank Trapper/Corbis Sygma

Okay, enough of that.  Let’s move on to Simonetta Stefanelli:

Who she, you ask?  Let’s refresh our memories:

Oh yeah… that  Simonetta.  Moving right along, there’s Stefania Casini:

And to end with, how about another modern-day Italian actress, Serena Autieri (along with her incredible freckles):

Next week, one last look at the succulent ladies.

Missed The Double R

Because I’m not completely “up” with British TV shows — mostly, because they’re total shit, as anyone who’s ever tried to watch more than ten minutes of Coronation Street can attest — I somehow missed an R (actually a double R) in the Wonderful Women of two weekends back.

One particularly dire show is something called 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, hosted by the seldom-funny Jimmy Carr.  However, the show is rescued by mathematics wizard and regular participant Rachel Riley, who has the sexiest legs on television, on either side of the North Atlantic.  I know, this assertion is useless without pictorial evidence, so:


She also has a genius IQ, which adds to the allure of the pretty face and sensational legs.

My apologies to Miss Riley for missing her.  (Oh, and for my Tribe Readers:  she’s kosher.)

Wonderful Women – S Is For Superb

Lots to choose from — this may be a two- or even three-weekend thing.  Starting with Ye Oldees,there’s Ziegfeld Girl Sue Conroy:

Sue Conroy –  by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Love the hat.

Another Sue, the kittenish Sue England:

Next, we have The Divine Sarah (Bernhardt):

Moving on, we have the equally-divine Susan Cabot:

…and the still-more divine Susan Hayward:

And in color:

Next in the “Divine S” series, there’s Sheila Ryan:

Sheila Terry:

…a very young (and succulent) Shelley Winters:

And, of course, Shirley Ross:

…followed by Sylvia Sims:

The first of the Italians, Silvana Mangano:

…and we’ll feature a couple more sibilant Italians (including you-know-who), next week.

Wonderful Women: R Is For Ridiculously-Beautiful

Diving right in, so to speak, is Ziegfeld Girl Rubye de Remer:

Rubye de Remer by Alfred Cheney Johnston

…and Ruth Etting, of the same vintage:

Ruth Etting – by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Then there’s Rosalie Roy, along with her muff:

Moving along the timeline a bit, there’s the Love Goddess herself, Rita Hayworth:

One more?  Oh, why not:

Not a love goddess, but certainly a contender, Rosemary Bowe:

And the last of this round’s “classics”, redhead Rhonda Fleming:

Don’t believe me?

Looking at Italy’s offerings for a moment, there’s the delectable Rossana Podestà:

But it’s time to move into the modern era.  Let’s start with Raquel Welch, in unfamiliar garb:

Okay, okay…

And another exquisite creature, Austrian-born Romy Schneider:

And finally, to get really modern, GoT’s resident redhead Rose Leslie, first in costume:

…and then in ummmm streetwear:

Next week, some more striking women.