Random Beauties

While searching for a new “theme” for Sundays, I’ve happened upon some interesting features as I wander through the highways, byways and dirt roads of Teh Intarwebz.  So today I’m going to alternate, so to speak, between hot rods and hot women (hotties and totties) grouped by appearance or something, thus:

Debra Paget:

1939 Alvis Speed 25:

Helen Mirren:

1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud:

Kirsten Dunst: 

1959 Austin Healey Sprite: 

Laura Linney: 

1971 Lancia Fulvia HF:

Lucy Lawless:

1970 Corvette Stingray:

Katarina Witt:

1967 Ford Mustang:

Leryn Franco:

1936 Bugatti Atlantic: 

And one more pairing:

Lindsay Lohan:

1962 Fiat Jolly:

This is fun.  I think I’ll continue this theme for a while…

Hopeless Crush

In looking back over the posts I’ve put up since I returned to blogging, I see that I’ve inexplicably given short shrift to a woman I’ve had a crush on since… well, since I first became aware of her back in the 1980s.  In fact, when I did speak of Olympic skating gold medallist Katarina Witt on these pages, I relegated her to a backup reservist among my Desert Island Dames.

That’s just wrong.

So herewith a short pictorial on this German hottie:

And of course, there was that unforgettable Playboy pictorial, at the ripe old age of 33:

I am so weak…

Change Of Pace

It occurs to me that of late this here back porch of mine has been too preoccupied with political shit such as rioters in Portland / Seattle, asshole politicians [redundancy alert] , the Chinkvirus and in general, the looming end of the world that is 2020.

So today I’m going to ignore all that, and put up some posts that are so trivial, so inconsequential and of so little lasting value that you, O my Readers, may be excused if you leave immediately for Breitbart, Insty or whatever, shaking your heads in sorrow while saying, “The old fart’s gone Biden on us.”


Impending Catastrophe

Relax, it’s not another from the Catalogue Of Dreadfulness that is 2020.  No, this one is more serious:

IF one woman were to be crowned Queen for having the most famous boobs in Britain, The Sun’s former Page 3 girl Rhian Sugden would be HRH.
She was a hit with our readers for a decade, now boasts more than 433,000 followers on Instagram and reckons her boobs have earned her more than half a million quid from shoots, calendars and telly appearances.
But today she reveals how they have grown from a 32E at the start of her career to a huge 32G – and she wants them REDUCED.

Well, assuming she’s serious, I think that as a public service I should grab ’em while they’re still there, so to speak:

And just one more, for the Pervs Among Us:

If you want still more, then hit your favorite search engine.  Rhian Sugden.

Wonderful Women: Z Spells The End

No study of female pulchritude would be complete without at least a passing reference to the Ziegfeld Girls of yore, so here we go (attribution given where possible):

Katherine Burke – 1920s – by Alfred Cheney Johnston.

Louise Brooks — Image by George P. Hommell

And they weren’t always demure and modest poses, either:


Ziegfeld Model Risque – 1920s – by Alfred Cheney Johnston.

And Louise Brooks, one last time:

…which brings us to the end of our alphabetical study of beauty.

I’ll think of another transparent excuse  flimsy pretext  good reason to show off beautiful women in future Sundays.

Wonderful Women: Y Is For Yikes

More Y than “Why?” here, starting with the exquisite Yvette Duguay:

…and speaking of exquisite, how about Yvonne De Carlo?

Moving on (with great reluctance), there’s the ageless Yvette Mimieux:

And Yvonne Craig is quite toothsome, too:

Enough of the movies.  Let’s get all sporty, with Russian pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva:

And finally, to bring us right into the modern era, we have some wondrous creature named Yazmin Oukhellou:

Next week (our last in this series) we’ll be catching some Zs…