Wonderful Women: M Is For Magnificent

There is an absolute cornucopia of delectable women whose names begin with this letter, so I’ll just dive in with my favorites, one pic only each — and if your  favorite doesn’t get in there, wait for the cycle to repeat in a few months’ time.  As always, starting with the oldies, here’s Maude Fealy:

Then we have one of my all-time favorites, the kittenish Myrna Loy:

And lest I get lynched, let me not leave out Maureen O’Hara:

…or the languorous Merle Oberon:

For your perusal, here’s Martha O’Driscoll:

From a little bit later, Mara Corday:

And with that, let’s move more into the modern era with another Merle, redheaded Merle Pertile:

Have I missed anyone else from that era?  Oh yes, of course:

Hmmm… seems like I’ve hardly skimmed the surface of the Magnificents.  Anyone have a problem with me continuing the “M-catalog” next week?

Didn’t think so.


Ripped from the headlines:

I know what my Murkin Readers are wondering:  but what do her boobs really look like?  (Brit Readers already know the answer.)

I live to serve:


Former Bandmate and Longtime Friend Knob believes that Mrs. McGuinness may quite possibly have the perfect body.  Hard to disagree.

Wonderful Women: L Is For Luscious

Let’s start off with a Z, in the shape of Ziegfeld Girl Lora Foster:

And another Z-Girl, Lillian Gish (with sister Dorothy as a bonus):

Photo: Alfred Cheney Johnston

About a dozen people sent me emails, threatening violence if I didn’t include Lana Turner, so here she is:

One more?  Oh, why not?

Then we have Leslie Parrish:

We’ll finish up with a couple of Texas hotties, starting with Linda Darnell:

Did I mention that she was a redhead?

And last (but definitely not least) we have the Wonder(ful) Woman for the ages, Lynda Carter:

Her “Mother Of The Year” pose:

She didn’t get much worse with age, either…

Next week, some more marvelous women…

Ginger Snaps*

Knowing that one of my (many) weaknesses happens to be redheads, Alert Reader Ken sends me this series of visions.  My favorite:

Or maybe it’s this one:

These are not your standard  moistened bints, are they? [/Monty Python]

The DM also posts this pic:

…with the rather arch (paraphrased) question:  What does this represent?

It represents that there’s a red garden of delight under the dress, you idiots.

Sheesh… and they wonder why they lost the Empire.

*It’s a pun.  “Ginger Snaps” is the brand name of a British cookie.  And like the subjects of the photos, they’re yummy.

Wonderful Women: K Is Special

From the archives, Ketti Gallian:

The kittenish Kathryn Grayson:

…and Kathleen Hughes:

From the same era, Kay Francis:

Another Kay, Kay Kendall:

Moving a little bit into the modern era, there’s Kim Novak:

And there’s former Bond girl Karin Dor:

Still more modern is Kathleen Turner:

And the last of the K girls for this episode, Kate Beckinsale:

Next week, there’ll be some luscious legs on view.

The Trouble With Cheltenham

As the racing season gets underway in Britishland,  I can announce with some happiness that the first major race at Cheltenham doesn’t feature the usual assortment of Train Smash Women, as the clientele (various Royals and other toffs) are Not Of That Ilk, thank goodness.  Here’s a representative sample of yesterday’s Ladies Day:

And of course avid racegoer Charlotte Hawkins looked lovely, as usual:

Maybe the shivery wet weather kept the ladies in check, who knows?  And speaking checks, here’s Princess Anne’s daughter Zara (who, as a former Olympic equestrienne medallist probably knows more about horses than any other woman at the course):

But for those Readers who like me are impatient to see the Train Smash Brigade, never fear:  Liverpool’s Aintree will be taking place in a couple week’s time…