I have written before about how I can get confused by well-known women who either look like each other or who have similar-sounding names (follow the links for a full and ahem scientific explanation).

Here’s another one.  There are two well-known women (“well-known” in the pages of the Daily Mail at least) who confuse me utterly — until, that is, I see their picture.  They have the same last name (Rose) with first names of Ruby and Demi, respectively, and thus confuse me utterly if I’m just reading text (“Now which one is that?”).  An easy difficulty to encounter, I think we can all agree, especially as neither seems to have done anything of note (e.g. won an Oscar, found a cure for cancer or married a member of some royal family).

Once you see pictures of said Roses, however, it becomes a lot easier, because Ruby looks like this:


…while Demi looks quite different:


Of course, to me they both look (and from what I can tell, behave) like prostitutes;  but while Ruby actually has a more  interesting face, at least Demi isn’t covered with ink:


But it’s all a question of personal preference, of course, and yours may well differ from mine.  Right now, all I have to remember is:  Ruby = tattoos, Demi = curves, and that’s how I can keep them differentiated.

That’s More Like It

As much as I have fun laughing at the Train Smash Women of Aintree et al., I must confess to enjoying the more classy women on display at Chester and more recently, at Goodwood this year:


…and even some of the questionable outfits were, by Aintree standards, quite restrained:

Good show, ladies:  in every respect.

More Wantonness

A while ago, I devoted a post to the concept of wanton poses, wherein women posed in unladylike fashion but without making the thing pornographic.

If it’s worth doing once, it’s worth doing again (as the actress said to the bishop), so here are a few more:

Sasha Alexander:

Salma Hayek:

Amy Smart:

Kate Beckinsale:

Carina Tyrrell:

…and in a blast from the past, Simonetta Stefanelli:

Timeless Hotness

I only ever watched the first three seasons of the Brit TV time-travel series Outlander  (following the “Most TV Series Suck After Season 3” hypothesis), but I have to admit, Catriona Balfe could have tempted me back for a few more:

And here she is in modern clothing: