Classic Beauty: Ingrid Pitt

I have to thank Longtime Reader Pierre (who is French, and somehow stays loyal to this rantbucket despite all my slurs on the Frogs), who pointed out to me that my Classic Beauty section has a glaring omission:  to wit, horror-movie star Ingrid Pitt.  Quite apart from her astounding beauty, which we’ll enjoy below, she is to my knowledge the only Classic Beauty who survived a Nazi concentration camp in WWII.

Anyway, here she is, in black and white:

And in living color:


Another of Pierre’s suggestions next week.  He has exquisite taste.


  1. Thank you Kim
    But it is Belgian, and not overly in love with the ” Frouche “. Please note that after next week there is still the rest of the Hammer ” Stable “.

    1. Wait… you’re a BELGY? Nobody tells me anything… but that’s good, because I can now carry on mocking the Frogs without remorse.

      Désolé, mon ami.

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