News Roundup

With commentary so brief, I’m being sued by Fruit Of The Loom.

we all know that Arabs are thieves, but when they appropriate our Injun  Native American technology, that’s just beyond the pale.  Who do they think they are:  Chinese?

hate to break it to you, Mayor Lightweight, but Chicago is already the poster child for gun control.  Clearly, it’s working really well for you.

which is not even the most stupid thing she’s ever said — she defies satire.

yup, that’s going to appeal to their core fan base — assuming they still have one.

until next week.  Still, this seems to make sense (unlike most of the other shit).

I just wish this wasn’t satire.

why limit it to roadblocks?  Hit the gas pedal every time you see a group of black-clad assholes, to save the republic Use those man-killer pickup trucks, damn it.

Now some really BIG IMPORTANT news:

to be honest, that’s pretty much all she has.

And finally, for some light relief:

if this happened in the U.S., the deceased asshole’s family would no doubt be suing Stihl  for improper safety controls.

News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to ridicule, like this idiot(Hint:  it’s not the fake tits you should be regretting as much as those foul tattoos.)

because the New York Times, CNN/ABC/CBS/CNBC, the Washington Post and the L.A. Times are always prepared to showcase both liberal and conservative viewpoints.

LOL Biden could pick Giggles The Girl-Clown as his VP, and he’d still lose in a landslide.

because lions don’t care about things like “exclusivity” when it comes to menu choices.  Africa Wins Again.

so refuse to pay the fine, get sent to jail and then sue to get released immediately because of the Chinkvirus risk.  Piece of cake.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that this is not going to work.

because the Massachusetts courts have obviously nothing better to do than bother with shit like this.

my bad for thinking “Beverly Hills” meant that all the participants were WhitePay no attention;  that’s just my White privilege speaking.

no, it isn’t.  The only “catastrophe” is that parents are realizing how little their kids need government-managed schools in order to be educated.

wait, we’re not going to see the customary four presidential debates?  I feel cheated.

And finally:

good question, although I think the voters of Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, New York and Washington (to name but some) may have a few quibbles about that.

Also in the news:

Lady Gaga looks like a dog (okay, maybe that’s not really news, but whatever).


This appeared at Insty’s place yesterday:

I understand the sentiment, and anything that helps drain the fucking swamp that is China is a Good Thing.

However, I would have felt SO much better had the headline read:

Six Apple production lines moving from China to Mississippi*.

Instead of helping the Asian Third World, how about first helping our own local Third World (using Mississippi as an example)?  I mean, in Mississippi they vote and everything, plus BONUS!!! the principal beneficiaries of such production relocation would mostly be Black because manufacturing jobs.

Getting out of China:  good
Getting into Mississippi:  doubleplusgood

Those woke assholes at Apple probably prefer to help the Pore & Starvin in other countries because it makes them feel virtuous;  helping the rubes in flyover country?  eeeeeew.

*Yes, in English we say “from… to…” e.g. “from left to right” and “from A to Z”, and not “to right from left” or “to Z from A”.  We even read from left to right, in English.

Further Back, Thanks

Saw this at Powerline last week, but while I agree with the sentiment, it doesn’t go back far enough.  So I’ve altered it slightly:

For the record, even though the early parts of the 70s were fair —> poor for me, the latter half absolutely rocked.  (I’d give details, but I’m not sure the statute of limitations has expired yet.  Yes, they were that bad.)

The 70s to me meant this:

…and this:

…even though what I was actually driving was one of these:

Also in the 70s:  no PC speech or behavior constraints;  no venereal diseases that couldn’t be treated by a couple shots of penicillin;  a body that not only worked to perfection, but could withstand any kind of ill-treatment I threw at it;  and girlfriends who didn’t have any kids.

Ask me again why I miss those times.

News Roundup

Before you read Teh Headlines below, here’s a little pick-me-up.

looks like that “assimilation” thing is working well for the Krauts.

somebody explain to me why punishment for a crime like this shouldn’t include flaying before execution.

this is me, wearing Sarah Hoyt’s shocked face.

man, I didn’t know that Trump has 60 million campaign workers.

and I’ll believe that poll, as long as “Do you think Blacks are racist?” was one of the questions.

joins Mandela, far too late, in that great Murdering Bastards Club In The Sky.

who?  Oh yeah, the guy who’s going to lose an election by a larger margin than George McGovern.

let’s start more modestly by canceling stupid.

wrong as always, Rather, you lying Commie cocksucker.

the only thing newsworthy about this one is that it wasn’t Nicholas Cage.

I know, I know:  this item no good without pitchurs:

Not quite zero, but close.

News Roundup

…with 0nly occasional links because, really, some things are just not worth getting into any deeper[Extreme Puke Alert]

and in other news, journalists and Democrat politicians sometimes lie.  And speaking of which:

backed up by none other than:

I’d suggest that someone Epsteins this foul Stalinist bitch, but unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the Praetorian Guard will turn on this Caesar.

me neither.  If Texas couldn’t turn purple with Skateboard Jesus  Butt-Boy Beto, it ain’t gonna happen this time.

or 200,000 or 100 million.  Pick a number (except zero), and Fuckhead Fauci will accept it.

yeah, all those guns lying around just got up all by themselves and started shooting at random people in the streets.  Another fucking Marxist (see above) who needs “special treatment” (see:  Pinochet).
And to add a gasoline hose to the fire:

…and therefore:

I would remind everyone that this Castroist lickspittle was elected to office not just once but twice by Noo Yawkers.

But enough politics.  Let’s talk about health, and the lying liars who claim to know what’s best for us.

and eating too little red meat makes you look like a vegan.  Checkmate.

except that last week, we were told that a glass of red wine with dinner “could”  prolong life.

I know what all the above makes me feel like:

Glasses are for amateurs.