I Know How You Feel

Sent to me by Mr. Free Market:

Truly, a sad situation.

Mr. FM is of course self-isolating, but there’s self-isolation, and then there’s self-isolation in Free Market Towers:

And the Free Markets are adapting, as any Stout Bulldogs will.  I’m told that Mrs. FM now uses a 6-foot bullwhip to administer the servants’ weekly flogging, so as to observe the proper degree of social distancing.

News Roundup

Again with the pithy commenth, but mostly aimed at you-know-who:

how about: NOTHING.  To paraphrase someone:  every single thing that comes out of their collective mouth is a lie, including “and” and “the”.  As I’ve said many times before on this website:  China is and will always be our enemyAnd I’d put money on this shit having started in a ChiCom bioweapons lab.

But there are counter-opinions:

It’s NOT racist to say China’s vile markets are to blame for coronavirus and they MUST ban themand an even better opinion:

“Everything fucking generates from them and their filthy markets”bat soup and raw snake gizzards, anyone?  And speaking of Chinese menu items:

that’s got to be the most endangered animal on the planet:  a cat owned by a Chinese familyAnd while on the topic of Chinese food:

but they don’t, do they?  They eat slop on rice:  “slop” being defined as dead anything that walks, swims, flies or slithers.  They aren’t even civilized enough to eat with forks, FFS, relying on prehistoric tools like straight sticks, and spoons designed to make you spill when drinking from them.  Tablecloths?  Maybe in high-class American restaurants, otherwise straight off wooden tabletops that still hold a year’s worth of food spillage and associated bacteria and viruses.  Fucking primitive assholes.

how dare the U.S. stand up against espionage, copyright infringement, computer virus infestation, Wuhan flu pandemics and cheap shit that falls apart soon after purchase?

can’t be true.  We all know that Communists, and Chinese Communists especially, have such a high regard for human life. [/New York Times]

News Roundup

Follow the pictures to avoid the commentary:

revolution to begin in 3…2…1…

nobody cares what you think, fuckfaceOur civil rights aren’t dependent on your opinion.

oh, right… a tattoo of Harry Potter or Dumbledore, whose characters helped earn you untold billions in cash, would be “weird” — but “Semper Stulta” (which would be true, in your case, considering your actual tattoo) isn’t.


these two articles are not related.

after which he tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to some guy from Iowa.

what, all that solar- and wind-powered shit not working for you Brits?

And speaking of global warming in Britishland:

News Roundup

From (linked) pic to comment in one easy step:

finally, some good Chinkvirus news.

I’ve always liked Kirstie, and this just confirms it.  (no link because Piers Morgan)

and he was released…why, again?  Remind me why capital punishment is a bad thing, or why the parole board who signed off on his release should not be imprisoned.

#BelieveAllWomen is how this goes, right?

Worldwide shortage of condoms predicted.

serves us right for outsourcing all our condom production to Assholia.

ya thank?  Nawlins as always been in the top 5 of pox paradises, and now is no exception.

if the little prick had done that to me, 65, lead poisoning and not coronavirus would have been his cause of deathDitto this asshole, who should have been “shot while attempting to escape”.

“None” would have got my vote, but that’s just me.

News Roundup

…in which I cast a mordant eye at the passing parade:

no kidding, Captain Obvious.  Why else would they propose it?

gimme a pint of fish-tank cleaner with an arsenic chaser while I run a hot bath and get the razor blades ready.  (No link, because I care for my Readers.)

first Illinois and now Connecticut act like they actually believe in the Second Amendment.  Are we in End Times, or am I drinking hallucinogen instead of breakfast gin?

but of course, New Jersey seldom fails to disappoint.

I blame the global climate change movement, because had Spectrum Child not been an insufferable little scold, jetting/sailing all over the world to shout her bullshit at us, this may not have happened.

and men all over the world heave a sigh of relief.

you first, tarty.

Good grief.  The news usually sucks, but it it just me, or is it getting even suckier?