News Roundup

Not much to see today, unlike here.  Still:

to which I say, fukkem.  But right on cue:

of course, it was New York.

and fuck you, too, asshole.  Wait till I do something like this:

it ain’t gonna be pretty.

which can easily be fixed by some activities which include MOABs and daisycutter bombs.

also Scorpios, unicorn rodeo riders and men named Fred.  JHC, what a load of bullshit.

but the only newsworthy part of this story is that he wasn’t Indian (dot-head variety), or Chinese.

but I should remind everyone that Southside Chicago votes overwhelmingly Democrat, so they got what they voted for, good and hard.

and while Britain breathes a sigh of relief, I can start making plans to go back Over There again.

And finally:

and Governor Death Eater Cuomo’ s decision to house Chinkvirus patients in New York nursing homes was just as spectacularly wrong.

News Roundup

Pointed commentary — pointed, like these.

that’s not news.  The news is that she was only in labor for 22.6 seconds, a new world record for girl babies.

I don’t think there are measuring instruments powerful enough to detect my sympathy for these people.

my only question being:  how did they fit this man’s giant balls into the back of the police car?

these being the cityfolk that pretty much drank themselves into a stupor every night during Prohibition, how did the stupid Commie De Blasio think he was going to stop them?

I didn’t even know they had strip clubs in Cheyenne, but I’m pretty sure that face masks could only be an improvement.  For both the girls and the customers.

and these are the same people who are flooding into the U.S.  Oy.  No wonder the Democrats love them.

fair enough, as long as they reciprocate for our folks.  (Son&Heir has a standing job offer in London)

yeah, but they used the British Chinkvirus models to predict all this catastrophe.

to the surprise of nobody but the gun controllers.

  …OMG noes, she’s being hounded by the very State apparatus that she wants to sic on everyone else.

And speaking of boners:

and his defense?  “I didn’t know she was dead — I thought she was Jewish.”

Question Of The Day

Go ahead and read this little snippet:

Large lizards are invading Georgia and pose a major threat to native wildlife, state officials have warned residents.
Argentine black and white tegu lizards, which can grow up to four feet long and weigh more than 10 pounds, have been spotted in Georgia for years, and officials are now trying to eradicate the species from the state.
“They eat just about anything they want,” retired Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division biologist John Jensen said in a 2019 video about the lizards.

So, Gentle Readers, here’s the question:

What would be the cartridge you’d choose to help Georgia out with their little problem? 

Your suggestions in Comments.

Here’s mine.  And here it is, demonstrated — but this old boy is having WAY too much fun.  Jealous.

News Roundup

Short and gingery, like Borat’s wife.

had I been on the jury, there is NO WAY I would have found this hero guilty of anything.

as long as you agree to house these “asylum seekers” in your own houses for two years while their claims are being vettedSee next item:

looks like that open border thing is working out well for the Swedes At least he didn’t have the Chinkvirus.

but that’s only after they’ve checked his financial statements and employment recordsNot that most women are superficial, or gold-diggers, or anything.

can’t say I blame him, as parking spaces in Brit villages are about as easy to find as good teeth.

“Making fun of the rozzers” — good thing they’ve abolished the death penalty in Britain.

how is it even possible for French politics to become more left-wing?

that one made me snork.  Nice one, Sarah.

News Roundup

Keeping it short, like Tom Cruise.

words cannot express the loathing I feel for the two smug assholes in this picture.

for Chinkvirus.  Hell, I remember back during the Obama days, when the SecServ were more likely to test positive for syphilis.

that would be:  yes.  And I’m still waiting to hear from Big Pharma that they’re bringing drug manufacturing back to the U.S.

sorry, but this isn’t news.  These pricks are always getting shot — it’s an occupational hazard.

which limits deportation destinations to… I dunno, Cuba and Venezuela, most probably.

I’d feel much better if the shift was from China to, oh, MIssissippi;  but I’ll take what I can get.

good grief, if this lot had been in power in 1940, the official language of the U.K. would now be German and not Hindi.

and because this is New York, the hapless women can’t buy them because gun stores are not “essential” services, according to Gauleiter Cuomo.

and I agree.  Truly low-skilled jobs are things like ditch-digger, peach-picker and community organizer.

News Roundup

Commentary shorter than Adam Schiff’s dick.

okay.  As long as they also waive the right to state-sponsored medical care if they catch the Chinkvirus.

nice to know they’ve fixed the Chinkvirus thing and can start concentrating on important health issues.

and if there’s a downside to this, I can’t see it.

which means that the Chinkvirus panic isn’t getting headlines anymore, so journalists must go back to older panic warnings,  And speaking of saving Teh Environment:.

doesn’t matter, as long as the goal of closing all eeeevil powerplants remains in place.

And for some lighter relief:

what our parents used to refer to as a “fall-back” career.

quite possibly the best example of a First World Problem ever.

although I would have thought that as almost all sharks have teeth that can rip flesh off your bones, the actual brand of death-dealing shark would be fairly irrelevant, here.  Unless, of course, it’s a completely new breed of Chinese Murder Winged Shark.