Private Property

Here we go:

A proposed rule from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will soon take effect, forcing many private gun sellers to use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to sell their guns.

The targets of this rule are not licensed federal gun dealers, as they are already required to use the NICS on every gun sale and/or transfer.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders are required to conduct background checks on all gun sales and transfers because of the Brady Act (1993). That act created the NICS, and, since then, all retail sales of both new and used guns have been conducted via the NICS. Democrats have pushed to include private sales in the NICS requirement. However, Congress — even when controlled by Democrats — has refused.

But the recently proposed rule does what Congress has refrained from doing by allowing the ATF to set its sights on private, non-licensed Americans who may sell guns at some time throughout any given year…

…and when people refuse to comply with this fucking monstrosity, the rule will create criminals where heretofore none existed (as so many of these “regulations” do).

Oh, and don’t think you can get around this assholishness by swapping or bartering for guns, either.

I know, I know:

But a reminder:

This should be interesting.  My advice (and remember, I am no lawyer, nor any kind of criminal — yet):  if you are going to ignore this un-Constitutional infringement on your rights, make sure to do so only with trusted friends and family members — no strangers, ever, because you never know when the ATF is blackmailing or otherwise pressuring someone into breaking the law on their behalf.

Like they did with Randy Weaver.


  1. The definition of a trusted friend has now changed from “someone who will help you bury a body” to “someone you can sell a gun to.”

  2. Not interested in selling.
    I’m interested in buying.
    2 Glock 19’s, Gen 1, lightly used.
    What I possess is no ones business but mine and no one gets to say anything about it.

    The day is fast approaching where deals will be made with blades and belly’s.

  3. we used to call the state phone number to get access to NICS to do “private” transfers between citizens without bothering a FFL. CT shut that off to us mere mortals last year claiming NICS wasn’t designed for citizen use.

    This NICS ha far too many shortcomings. If I need to give a firearm to my daughter because of an aggressive boyfriend or husband at 230am, NICS is closed. NICS is frequently “Down for maintenance” and creates another delay to exercising our rights to keep and bear arms. I’m sure there are a host of other problems including the government has no business what I own

  4. without getting into the Progressives’ argument about the first section, the second section leaves no doubt as to the intent of the Framers:
    “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  5. If it passes, drop me a line.

    Up here in Canada we’ve evolved procedures and tactics to avoid this bullshit. Most of it is obvious but if the USA is going full commie, maybe we can help a bit, we’ve been close to full commie for a while.

  6. Since non-FFL types (and even some with a federal license) can’t access the NICS system, this is a back-door way to stop private gun sales by forcing all of them to go through a dealer.

    “You have to do a NICS background check before you sell a gun.”
    “But I can’t get access to NICS.”
    “Sucks to be you, dude.”

  7. The ATFE is bound and determined to legalize what they already have.
    First, never forget the the ATF WAS and still IS a TAXING ‘entity’
    for taxing alcohol, tobacco ( look at the taxes on a pack or carton of
    cigarettes sometime ) and firearms.
    Over time they have morphed into a POLICING authority. Legally, unless
    I’m wrong ( very possible ) they could not LEGALLY have a list(s) of ‘who
    owned what’, firearm wise. I believe some years ago it was discovered
    that they did in fact have such list, created from 4473 forms mostly.
    That information was supposed to have been destroyed ! Any takers on
    bets as to whether or not that information STILL EXISTS ?? Thought so.
    Now, while they have enough juice in the 3 branches of government,
    Biden, the Senate and they hope enough in the House, they are going to
    try and COMPLETE the information to finally have within their grasp
    the Holy Grail of gun control – a ‘list’ of every damn gun in this country
    along with WHO owns them and the confidence that not very many will
    ‘change hands’ before the great CONFISCATION starts !
    Make no mistake, this has happened in other countries.
    Confiscation follows ‘registration’. There is NO NEED nor REASON for the
    government to know what you own or what you do with it !

  8. If they start confiscating, I hope more people resist and the thieves get hurt. HOpefully they learn that stealing is dangerous and wrong

  9. Private sales cannot be tracked. That would take a national gun registry. That is not going to happen.

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