Proving that any corporation can become unhinged for no good reason, we have this bit of news:

Jaguar will scale back new car production to just SUV models in 2024 as the British brand ramps-up its preparations to become an electric-only luxury car maker from next year.

So what the hell.  From making cars (not SUVs) that once were the envy of other manufacturers, Jaguar will become just another factory for boring SUVs, and no-demand electric ones at that.

I will say no more, but just show what kind of thing we were treated to, back when Jag had balls and a brain.

…and that’s just some of them.

Bah.  I hope their factory catches fire from one of their silly batteries and burns to the ground, along with whichever marketing / financial “genius” signed off on this latest move.

Cretins.  They don’t deserve their storied heritage.


  1. One reason might be that they currently have a 300+ day inventory of unsold cars in their pipelines. Jaguar may still be a “British” Brand but it’s now part of Tata Motors along with that other quintessential British brand – Land Rover. It’s hard to keep up with Automotive ownership musical chairs. I had to check.

    I expect that they will soon also need to “reevaluate” the Market for EV’s just as MB did, but they need to let some time pass so they don’t look they are letting the Germans drive the marketplace.

  2. I believe Jaguar has turned its decision making arm to femboy tiktok influencers.

  3. Jag made some nice looking cars in the past and apparently they are moving on to a new chapter of the firm by building rubbish cars with limited performance. I don’t care how nice it looks, it’s still an inferior glorified golf cart. some nice curves on a car’s body, nice comfortable leather seats are nothing more than lipstick on a pig of an electric golf cart.

  4. I’ll pass on the white turd and the teal anteater, but the others – va va voom!
    Jag is going to go under with this corporate woke assholery.

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