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Here’s an interesting thing.  The other day I was asked by an old friend from Seffrica where she could find one of my novels on Amazon, so I just told her to do a search for “Kim du Toit Prime Target” on their website.  Here was the search result:

Errrr what?

Puzzled, I tried one of the other novels:

No problem there… and likewise for all the other works I’ve published at Amazon.

Then I tried again, using just “Kim du Toit” as the search string, and lo and behold, they all showed up, including Prime Target:

Of course, trying to reach anyone at Amazon who could look at the problem is like trying to decipher the U.S. tax code at opaque,  impossible and misleading.  Amazon must be the least-friendly organization on the planet when it comes to this kind of thing.

Anyway, here’s the link to Prime Target, in case anyone is still interested in a story about a government agency spying on U.S. citizens’ private data.


  1. I tried it several ways. Prime target alone got me more targets than you could shake a stick at – rifle, pistol, archery, an action archery deer – and the hits just kept on coming. Fell down a hole following an Angie Dickinson movie for a while there, too.

    “Prime Target” got me books, then targets. “Prime Target” kim du toit returned only four books, first being our hit. Thanks for pointing this out. I enjoyed the book.

  2. Bought household furniture from AmaBezos several years ago, and the actuating cable on a recliner failed …… do you think I could get a replacement part from them?
    They wouldn’t even talk to me because I hadn’t kept my “membership” active, though the wife has a Prime Account since day one, but that didn’t count since I had bought the furniture through MY account.
    FJB – yeah, that covers two people.

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