Ginger Nuts

…that would be me.  Crazy ’bout them redheads.

Apparently, today is Kiss A Ginger Day (don’t ask how or why, I just report what I read SOTI).  Ordinarily I’m opposed to made-up holidays (e.g. MLK Day or Secretary’s Day), but I think I could bend the rules for this one.

Sadly, though, I’ll not be able to get into the spirit of the thing, for all sorts of reasons (including being married, and to a non-redhead withal, and not actually knowing any real redheads at the moment).  And my innate sense of self-respect (not to mention fear of los federales ) prevents me from just planting a smooch on the cheek of a random redhead I may encounter in the street.

However, I can play a game, that being:

Of the redheads pictured below, which ONE (as pictured) would you like to kiss above all the others?

And to make it interesting, there’s no chaste peck-on-the-cheek bullshit;  it would be a long, tongue-‘n-teeth affair which could get you arrested in twenty states.  Here they are:

Amy Adams


Angela Scanlon

Deborah Kerr

Gina Lollobrigida

Greer Garson

Cassandra Peterson

(a.k.a. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark)

Gillian Anderson

Isla Fisher

Jessica Chastain

Sarah Rafferty

Alicia Witt

Kathy Douglas

Maureen O’Hara

Lindsay Lohan

Jill St. John

Karen Gillan

Emma Stone

Maisie Smith

Patsy Palmer

Shirley-Ann Field

Kate Walsh

Poppy Montgomery

Rhonda Fleming

Perhaps the ultimate Ginger:

Tina Louise

And finally:

Just any old ginger will do, thanks

If I’ve omitted your favorite ginger, feel free to tell me all about it in Comments.

Just remember that Christina Hendricks isn’t a real redhead… if that’s important.

Lady Readers may go below decks, so to speak:

I don’t have the faintest idea what kind of red-headed men would appeal to women.  Some go for the wussy Ed Sheeran-type, other like them dirty like Eric Scholtz, some want urbane sophisticates like Damian Lewis, and some drench their panties at ginger rugby players.

So here are a few, just for those people with ‘ginas:

Damian Lewis

Fran Kranz

Michael C. Hall

Eric Stoltz

David Caruso

Scott Grimes

Jake Rumble

Pick one.  But if I’ve missed the boat completely (won’t be the first time), feel free to flay me in Comments, ladies.

Although from my own experience, I think most women would rather gargle old dishwater than kiss a ginger.


  1. I’d happily kiss any of the ladies on your list, provided they were sapphic enough to want to be kissed by another woman. (Cassandra Peterson comes to mind as an obvious example, since she has a known like-for-like preference, but there may be others.)

  2. Amy Adams. There most perfect pert arse in history. Be still my beating … ummm … heart! Any time. Any place.

  3. Wow! So many choices, I couldn’t decide for about ten minutes. Finally settled on Any #1.

    Really , one could almost choose at random and not go wrong here.

    1. I believe that “Any #1” is named Irina Meier and she’s very popular, so any time there’s some sort of “redhead gallery” posted by someone there’ll be a shot or 2 of her in there. I’m not complaining…

  4. Any of them, (not the fellers), I has a weakness for redheads. Maybe I should have said ALL of the ladies.

  5. Gingers aren’t my go-to “type”*, although I can certainly appreciate their appeal. I was deeply smitten with Karen Gillan when she was on “Doctor Who”, but it’s a shame what they’ve made her do to her face.

    *Although Amy Adams was the hands -down winner of Kim’s hypothetical roadster-trip companion questionnaire from a few years back.

  6. In her prime, Deborah Kerr.

    Truth be told I don’t really care for pasty red heads but the list does show the top of the class.

  7. Ginger men? Yeah but nah. (Un) Happy Harry is a ginger don’t forget and the thought of that slobbering all over you bleurgh. Meagain is welcome to him. Daniel Craig? Not since he got woke. There’s something deeply unattractive about invisible eyebrows on red headed men.

    Now Gerard Butler, I definitely would. He’d just have to wear a red syrup! And there something about Finlay Wilson that stirs ye olde regions, but maybe it’s because I’ve Scottish roots. Sadly, he’s as gay as a carnival

  8. Embarrassment of riches there.

    In some order (I cant narrow it down to one)

    Amy Adams
    Ann Margaret
    Sarah Rafferty

    Honorable mention:
    All the others excepting Elvira and Gillian Anderson.

  9. Alicia Witt. But that pic of her is not her best at all. I’ve always had a thing for the girl-next-door type. (But in her case it’s probably the ginger-down-the street.)

  10. Ann-Margaret is an option? The rest of em might as well go home… nice eye candy, but not even the same planet. Well, planet red-head, but minor league.

  11. This old guy has to go with Ann Margret – absolutely the hottest lady of my misspent youth.
    Number two is Maureen O’Hara. I love the scenes in The Quiet Man – “Here’s a stick to beat the lovely lady”
    Then she and John Wayne throw her money into the boiler and head back home to do each other senseless. That’s what you do. Money doesn’t matter.

  12. I’m not as aged as some of you fine gentlemen, but Ann-Margaret is tops for me. Karen Gillan is a close second, and Any #1 a close 3rd. If Cassandra Peterson played for the right team for once, she’d be tied for #2. Honorable mention goes to Shirley-Ann Field and most of the rest of the Anies.

    To tell the truth, Tina Louise never did it for me. She always seemed too “try-hard” to me, as the Brits might say. She was *supposed* to be sexy, like a red-headed Marilyn Monroe, but it didn’t quite work.

  13. Ann-Margret is the one who got my attention when I was a teenager, but if the choice is redheads of any vintage in their prime, Susan Hayward beats them all.

  14. The list that I wouldn’t want to kiss is much shorter: Lindsay Lohan. Looks fantastic, but when the crazy is that deep, don’t even stick your tongue in it!

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