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“We’ve learned in recent years that when the Left’s theories are contradicted by the real world, they stick with the theory.  If the laboratory mice aren’t behaving as predicted, the problem isn’t the theory; it’s the mice.”Stephen Moore

Or as we used to put it:  if the facts don’t conform to the theory, they must be eliminated.  Sic semper sinistra.

Or, pictorially:

“We don’ need no steenkin’ rails!”


  1. Another option is to adjust the “facts” so they fit the narrative. Most data pro’s know how this works. Not getting the answer that management is looking for? OK …. adjust the parameters or add new ones until the answer looks better. Consumer Price Index not looking too good because inflation is out of control? No Problem, let’s just exclude the cost of food and gasoline from the index. Covid deaths not scary enough to release? Let’s change the count from Deaths FROM Covid to Deaths WITH Covid.

    Presto!!! Much better numbers.

    1. Inflation numbers still stubbornly too high ? Don’t talk about the actual numbers talk about the rate of change instead. So instead of having to deal with explaining why inflation is 9 % , instead talk about have you have reduced inflation by 25% ( But just be careful not to remind them that inflation used to be 13% )

      Same technique works for the deficit as well. Well … maybe it would work better if Joe and Kamela could keep their numbers straight. But that’s a big ask.

    2. yup, refusing to do that cost me a job.
      Was working as a contractor for the weather service, maintaining the software that catalogues historical temperature data.
      The software had safeguards against tampering, specifically safeguards against the deletion of heatwaves and coldsnaps.
      Got an email in 2019 asking me explicitly to remove those safeguards “because we need to remove historical heatwaves to make the 2019 heatwave look like the most severe ever because of man made global warming”.
      I refused to do that, both because I won’t enable committing fraud (including scientific fraud) for ethical reasons and because the safeguards were explicitly mentioned in the design documents on which our contract with the agency was based.
      Our CTO and chief architect backed me. CEO and head of HR thought different, fired for refusing work.

  2. In your link Stephen Moore gets much correct, but there’s a more accurate description of the Fed’s behavior: They don’t control the inputs that really cause inflation (government spending and deficits), but they are supposed to be responsible for keeping the currency stable, so they viciously twist the only knob they do have – the prime rate.

    Is blaming people for what they don’t control more of a leftist trait, a politician trait, or a human trait?

    1. Human.

      But leftists are the worst of the species because they are greedy, weak – unable to control themselves.

      Most politicians, and civil servants, are leftists because they most are mostly and the essence, the core, of leftism is envious parasitism.

      Most “conservative” politicians are leftist fraudsters who have wormed and weaseled their way into organizations nominally conservative.

      Yes, I am paranoid and pessimistic.

  3. Just because you are paranoid does not mean everyone is out to get you. But it is a safe assumption the way the way things are going of late. What little I have I have earned. And they say it was white privilege.

    I say fuck em. You want my stuff you come and take it. But you better bring a lunch.

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