Numbers Matter

From the NSSF, relating to the latest gun ban foolishness:

There were nearly 25 million AR/AK-style rifles in circulation on June 21, 2022, at which time the National Shooting Sports Foundation observed there were more AR/AK-style firearms in circulation “than Ford F-Series trucks on the road.”

And that was over a year ago.  I personally know of four people who’ve bought themselves lovely new AR-15s since then.  One guy bought a matched pair for himself and his wife:

If that doesn’t give you the Warm ‘N Fuzzies, go stand in the corner.


  1. Interesting how all sides of the political spectrum (team red, team blue, independent) purchase firearms.

    Even more interesting is how the guv mint and all of it’s village idiot bullshit spewers (towns and mayors all for safety and the non milf’s demanding action) all try to brainwash everyone into thinking these scary “ a salt rifles” are death machines that no one should be allowed to own. Except the police. And even then the lefties want to defund the po po.

    Seems to me, that when a product is this popular, and in so many people’s hands, it proves two things among many.

    1 – people don’t want gun control imposed by the authorities.

    2 – these things are safe and are used for good by putting them in the right hands.

    For a long time the lefties didn’t want to touch the 22 rifles. Rimfire. Now a few states have proposed laws they are trying to pass saying that rifles like the Ruger 10 22 would be considered an a salt rifle since it’s semi auto and accepts a detachable magazine.

    Who understands the mind of a liberal? Not even a liberal.

    1. There ya go Coffee, your last sentence.
      You can’t reason with an irrational mind.

      I’ve “tested” a couple libs in the recent past and it’s an amazing thing to witness.

      If you push them for explanations for why they think the way they do on any given subject they are unable to do so, and when pushed harder they flat out start to melt down into blubbering emotional basket cases.

      A healthy mind is constantly balancing emotions with logic to come to conclusions about reality. With people that live mostly in the emotional realm they eventually become averse to all forms of logic.

      Logic, you see, requires truth and honesty, and those can be difficult things to deal with at times.

      Emotion, though, has no barriers and can be what ever the person wants them to be, even if they don’t make sense. They just have to feel good.

      It’s a reversion back to childhood mind think.
      The only cure, and I’m speculating, is a sound crack upside the head and the emotionalist is forced to think like a reasonable adult or suffer more direct personal injury. Threats of violence work wonderfully in this regard.

      1. “The only cure, and I’m speculating, is a sound crack upside the head ….”
        No speculation – you nailed it. That’s the only thing that will do it – consequences, immediate, harsh physical, financial and legal consequences, closely and strongly associated with the Leftists’ stupid action.
        The Left cannot be allowed to get away with feeling virtuous while others pay the price for their ill-considered actions, regardless of whether the actions have good intentions or are malevolent schemes for power and control.
        Reality is a powerful teacher….uh, sorry, can’t say that… educator.

  2. The 5.56/.223 cartridge might have its limitations but apparently it can be quite effective on four and two legged critters. I’d buy one if I could at a reasonable price. Until then I’ll stick with .308/7.62×51.

    I’m pretty sure the discussion on firearm ownership by citizens was sufficiently discussed on 19 April 1775 in Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts and at other locations throughout the years.


    1. Massachusetts has become and anti gun pro illegal immigrant cesspool where the working class are taxes unreasonabley to pay for the free loading liberals.
      Massachusetts sucks if you are an honest hard worker.

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