Getting Back To Reality

Start off by reading this article (excerpt below) and then we can continue:

A British tourist has told an Italian court how she was raped by a barman in Naples after stopping for a meal at a pizzeria while on holiday. 

Returning to the southern Italian city to testify before a judge, the 22-year-old tourist this week told the court how she was holidaying in July when she suffered ‘the worst experience of my life’.

Some time back, I also commented on a stupid bint who was raped in Paris after leaving her party to relieve herself behind some bushes, and that leads me to my main point:

Women shouldn’t be on their own outside their homes, because they are not safe.

When I say “on their own”, of course, I mean in a deserted or isolated spot where they could be attacked — such as in a restaurant’s back room, or in a park hidden from view behind bushes.  Or walking back home alone from a party / dinner.  Or jogging along a lonely road, or through a park.

I think you get my drift.

Now let me address the thoughts of the people who might disagree with me on this point.

I know, I know:  women shouldn’t be at risk in the above situations, and men shouldn’t prey on women when the women are solitary.

Unfortunately, the world just doesn’t work like that.  Men (of a particular sort) often succumb to their baser instincts when confronted by such situations.  This is an unfortunate fact of life, and this is especially true of men who come from, shall we say, less civilized backgrounds and societies (e.g. Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, all of Africa, Russia, the Balkans, Muslim countries, most of South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, North America, Central America… actually, pretty much anywhere in the world).

And women are vulnerable in all those places and circumstances because they are… the weaker sex[pause to allow the angry feministical screams and expostulations to die down]

This, by the way, is why I fervently support the idea that women should carry guns, because of all forms of self-defense, guns are the best equalizer.  It’s why I have helped train literally hundreds of women how to shoot, and helped them purchase their handguns and shotguns.

If guns are not available to women (and this would apply almost universally outside Second Amendment Country), then they need to seek safety in numbers and not stroll around by themselves, because it’s just not safe.

It’s the same reason, for example, that I avoid walking through specific downtown areas at night, and shun all back alleys even if they’re a shortcut.  And I’m big and tough and armed.  How much more ridiculous is it for an unarmed woman not to do the same?

There are times when a woman finds herself in a position when she feels she has to walk by herself — e.g. to get to her car in a deserted parking lit or parking garage after a night shift — but she shouldn’t.  She should instead try to find a man (security guard, workmate, whatever) to accompany her.  Fortunately, I don’t think we’ve reached the stage yet where a man would refuse to do so.  (Yeah, I know, chivalry is so outdated and demeaning to womyns [/feministical] shuddup).

It’s got to the point that whenever I read about such events of a woman being attacked / raped / whatever when she’s on her own in some foreign country / strange city / walking back from the pub, I just shout at the page / TV screen:

“What did you think was going to happen?”

This air of unreality that seems to be so prevalent in modern society needs to end.  People need to grow up and understand that when reality meets philosophy or theory, reality is going to win, every single fucking time.

Even for (or especially for) feministicals and their adherents.


  1. So you agree with islamists that women should wear hijab and niqab and never be allowed outside the house without a male guardian?
    Because obviously that’s the only way to protect women, both from strangers and from their guardians.

    Maybe a better solution would be to legalise pepper spray (it is illegal in the EU) and provide everyone who wants it with a free supply, as long as they have no criminal record.

    1. Stop projecting. I don’t agree with the Muslims, on just about anything.

      Solitary women have been raped by men long before Islam came along, just not in the proportions we see today. Because women (and men) recognized the existence of evil, and tried to avoid it.

      The Muslims, as is their wont, simply took the whole thing too far.

      1. I think it is terrible that, in the matter of women out alone, the Muslims are starting to make sense. It is the same as if your analysis of Christian ethics allows for infanticide. If you reach that conclusion, go back to square one! You’ve made an error! (and yes, Princeton Professor Singer, I am looking at you).

  2. Several times per week I implore my teenaged daughter to have someone walk her to her car after work. She refuses because she has anxiety about asking people for things. She carries pepper spray, but I doubt she would be very proficient in utilizing it for self defense. Not sure what else I can do.

    1. What you can–and IMO what you SHOULD do–is get her in a jujitsu class.

      Not generic “martial arts”, not Krav Maga–which is a fine thing to learn, or any of the others. Brazilian Jujitsu *specializes* in exactly the worst sort of problems that young (teen and twenties) women might wind up dealing with. A heavier/stronger opponent too close to run from, too close to pepper spray and to close to get the gun out and shoot.

      There’s lots of fine martial arts out there, and I’m not throwing shade on any of them. But IMO the best solution to the problem young women face is an art that focuses on close in grappling.

      If you knock somebody down you decide when they get up. If you choke a mother*er out you decide IF he gets up.

      1. The other thing about Brazilian Jujitsu, and I may be confusing it with Judo, is the group of aficianados would practice some technique and then go to bars and pick fights, and later compare the techniques and results, honing them to better fit the fighting they wanted the discipline to best serve.

  3. I think a fundamental problem is that people who live in civilized bubbles forget that civilization is exactly that, a bubble and as easily broken. Civilization is not the norm either geographically or temporally, and when you find yourself outside the bubble you either act uncivilized or uncivilized things will happen to you. In a civilized place women CAN walk alone unmolested. But she crosses that invisible boundary at her peril.

    Mark D

  4. Kim you make a great point about women ought to be safe and criminals shouldn’t commit crimes. That’s a great goal but the reality of the situation is that predators will prey upon victims they perceive as weaker than them. it’s a law of nature. In a truly civilized world, everyone would recognize that some folks are savages and need to be dealt with accordingly.


    1. As I often say, “Women should not be raped. They should be able to walk down a street at 2:00 am without fear. Yes, that is as it should be. Teach men not to rape. An important and admirable goal. But in the meantime. . .?”

  5. It’s been my experience that many if not most females have very little situational awareness to what is going on outside their immediate surroundings. They just are not born that way. They have always been the primary “gatherers” in our ” Hunter / Gatherer” society. They are conditioned to look inward while the Hunters look outward. They can be taught to be more aware, but it is not their default nature. It’s easy to see once you are looking for the behavior.

    ….. and its not just humans that exhibit this behavior. Lots of species do this.

  6. The ethnicity of the mere “Barman” in Napoli is not mentioned.
    As the Blogger Gun Watch says, when the race or ethnicity of the accused is not mentioned, one can confidently speculate as to both.

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