Looking Back

I have to admit that while I liked Cream’s studio albums, I never cared for their live performances, which one of my musician friends once described as “three guys all playing something at the same time”.

Nevertheless, I would recommend to you all this very sympathetic retrospective of Cream’s founding, flaming and falling…

…followed by a look at their last concert series at the Albert Hall — played, it should be said, when they were old, had lost all their youthful baggage (drugs, booze, pointless squabbling etc.) but still retained more than a few traces of their musical prowess.  Jack Bruce even makes the old and terrible Gibson “violin” EB-1 bass guitar sound okay, which is a feat all by itself, while Eric and Ginger do nothing more than work their usual magic.

It’s not a bad way to spend a couple-three hours on a Saturday.

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  1. The last Albert Hall series was somewhat disappointing to me because I thought Clapton would break out the wah wah, but alas , it was the same old Eric. I was glad to see him use it on a couple songs on his latest tour though.

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