News Roundup

(the first of our Christmas ads for the season)

And off we go.

...sounds about right.  The pity is that the kid will get charged with murder instead of getting a pat on the back for vermin removal. anybody surprised by this?

From the Department of Education:

...get ’em young, honey, go to jail.  Also, keyword:  Arkansas.

...does anyone think that an application of Hammurabic Law would be excessive?  No?  Me neither. one assumes that if a bunch of angry Jews were to disrupt Eid that they’d get the same treatment?  LOL

...keyword:  Turkey.  And now it’s a heavenly body… anyone?  Bueller?

...Go Navy.

...should have fired back.

...actually, he got fined for tossing a brick through her window.  What’s not surprising is that she wants him back.  It’s a lovely story.

...key word:  Russian.

...I got nothing.  Not even a link.

...sheesh;  when even the world’s most clueless woman gets it right, you have to know.

...if you’re going to do something like that, you have to pick the best-lit ride in Disneyland.  And he did.

And now:  INSIGNIFICA!!!! once again, we see the perils of letting Spell Check edit your newspaper.

Finally, in Hottie News:

...of course she looks incredible:  she’s Monica freaking Bellucci, FFS.

Then and now, exquisite.

Breakfast gin, Kim?  I think so.


  1. Little Johnny tells his teacher ‘I stuck a firework up a cats arse’
    ‘Rectum’ says the teacher
    ‘Yeah, fecking blew him to bits’ says little Johnny.

  2. “What’s not surprising is that she wants him back. It’s a lovely story.” Well, duh; she can’t get revenge if he’s not around.

  3. I wish there were more firearms ads like the first one and firearms were advertised on television, radio etc. Then again, that might drive prices up and we can’t have too much of that.

    Rapists and child molesterers deleted from the search history of life should be celebrated.

    Anti Israel and Green New Deal activists both have cognitive problems and are poor at critical thinking. I’m not surprised at all by the overlap.

    the Muzzies disrupting other people’s celebrations should spend a few months in the pillories in the public square. The only question is how long the half rotted produce will last before it is all thrown at the 7th century pedos. At least the goats and sheep will be safe for a while.


  4. Mum, 33, dies after getting boob job, liposuction and butt lift…
    From the pics, I’d say she should have instead paid to have the trout lip and lizard arm tats removed.
    I don’t understand how people like her can be so vain and so insecure at the same time. After all, it’s not like she was the elephant man or Lizzo.
    Next thing you know, the body enhancers will have a celebratory day and and legislative lobbies like the LQGBTSTFU neurotics and psychotics.

  5. Kudos to the kid putting his dad’s S&W to good use. I’ve long believed that rape should be a capital crime.

    “…saw four students pick up the sheep and kick its head, before splitting it open and stuffing it with a firework, according to a local farmer..” I have no problem with the Code of Hammurabi being imposed here. Or one could consider an alternative my slant-eyed ancestors were wont to use in medieval Japan: boiling the transgressors alive.

    This occurred when I were a yewt, not far from where I grew up in Tacoma. A friend of my parents was involved in the cleanup. What they lacked in cruelty, they more than made up for in stupidity:

  6. Rapists, child abusers and animal abusers should all be gibbetted, drawn, quartered etc. inflict so much pain on the perp that they beg for the end. Draw it out over days or weeks. then put their carcasses on display as a warning to others.


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