1. Dolly’s top lip looks like a red 1890’s mustache.
    I like the hairdo though.

    The bottom pik is just ghastly.

  2. Dolly is still a great lady, a great singer, and a wonderful person , but at age 77 it’s possible to take few years off with makeup, but not to conceal that she’s old. So listen and don’t stare!

    In the latest video I’ve seen of her, there seemed to be something worse than just age showing. Perhaps she’s had one facelift too many. Or perhaps it was paralysis of a few facial muscles from a stroke. I hope I’m wrong about that.

    1. Botox will do that, too. When Halle Berry won some acting award and she was emoting all over the place for the cameras, someone noted that her forehead hardly moved, a sign of Botox to reduce frown lines.

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