Finally, Autumn

Our temperatures here in north Texas will finally (!) be seasonally adjusted this week from Broil to Simmer and finally, Acceptable:

(I left the silly Celsius things there for the benefit of my Furrin Readers)

My laptop’s wallpaper reflects that mood, although fall in Texas is never that pretty:

(right-click to embiggen and save)

I don’t know where that is;  my instincts say New Hampshire because of the granitic boulders, but I’ll be persuaded otherwise.


  1. Kim, I know you like your Furrin friends but the lower row of temperatures is not degrees C. If they were, there might be something to this Global Warming stuff because 55 C is Death Valley hot. I think they might be the daily lows in ‘real’ degrees.

  2. It’s been going on for the past month here in south-central Hoosierville. Because I have either been a lazy ass or I’ve been very busy with my business, depending on whether you ask my wife or my clients, our yard is covered with dead leaves 2 feet tall and now, after 24 hours of rain, more like concrete.

    I’ll give the leaves a few days to dry out then get on them with abandon with the blower, like I always do.

    Just think, 56 days til Christmas.
    You know what they say.
    Life is like a roll of shitpaper.
    The closer you get to the end the faster it goes.

  3. I checked the Metadata of the image but the location data normally found there has been wiped, because it is a web published free stock image, but based on the foliage and the boulders my best guess would be to agree with VT/NH but those glacial erratic’s could also be anywhere along the northern tier states.

  4. we had some warm weather last week which was nice. We’re supposed to get cold weather after this rain breaks. the foliage is past its peak in Southern New England. I’m ready for crisp mornings, warm afternoons, a fire in the evening.


  5. Up here in the Denver area we had about 6 inches of snow over the weekend, and it was 8 degrees when we woke up this morning. 8F.

    I don’t think Dog and I will be running this morning.

  6. In this little corner of NV’s Great Basin, the overnight low several days ago dipped to 26, and with that you find out how many people had not winterized what they should have.

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