A Good Start

Looks like the Izzies have got the bit between their teeth:

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) destroyed the Islamic University of Gaza — dropping bombs on what the Israeli military said was a training hub for engineers who helped carry out terrorist attacks.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) confirmed the bombing, saying the university served as “an important center of political and military power” for Hamas and a “training institution for the development and production of weapons,” The Times of Israel reported.

Sorta like the West Point of Muslim Terrorism, huh?  One can only hope that there were lots of casualties among both staff and students.

Keep it up, guys.


  1. Somewhere in all the verbiage of the last few days, someone mentioned that the leaders of Hamas are not actually in Gaza, but that they hang out in Doha (and probably London and other pleasant places). Because who would hang out in a third-world shithole like Gaza, when you didn’t have to. We’ll know the Israelis are serious when we start seeing targeted assassinations in other countries. Welcome to 5th generation warfare … and you thought drones, hypersonics, and lasers were the latest fun things.

  2. GM Kim ..

    Heard a news report last night .. the IDF had called up about 360,000 reserve troops. That’s nearly 4% of the entire population of Israel .. in US terms .. it would be like mobilizing about 12,000,000 of us. Bibi’s not playing. He’s out for blood. Oh, and foul scum like Rashida Tlaib should be run out of office, tried and convicted for seditious treason, stood up in front of the brick wall (withOUT a blindfold) and shot until dead. Same with the asswipe skidmarks over at CAIR. Line ’em up. All of ’em. Poxy goat-fucking tossers.

  3. There was a joke that came out around September 13th or so, 2001 where a father and son were walking around lower manhattan. The son pointed to a monument and asked his father what it was. The father explained about the attack on the World Trade Center and its perpetrators. THe son then asks “Dad, what’s a muslim?”

    Pope Urban II was right.


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