3 Dubious Announcements

Here they are:  worse even than INSIGNIFICA, these are announcements of things that should inspire fear, loathing or projectile vomiting rather than amusement or amazement:

Okay, the Freebird/Dolly thing struck me the same way as the collaboration between Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan and Luciano Pavarotti:  “Why?”

The Kardashian coven:  as far as I recall, it all started with the “leak” of a video of Kim Kardashian fucking her boyfriend.  Once you’ve done that in front of a camera, all the rest is simple.

As for the Crocs announcement… I hear hoofbeats.


  1. For those who haven’t been following, here’s how I see the Dolly take.

    She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She tried to decline it, because she isn’t a rocker.

    They (the Hall and her fans) convinced her to accept it, so she did. But she decided to earn it after-the-fact, and vowed to produce a rock and roll album.

    Since she is such a genuinely nice person, and much beloved in the industry, collaborators came from all over to work with her. She’s done a bunch of covers since, often with the original artists.

    Nothing would surprise me.

    1. I guess the limiting factor is that Kim Kardashian has SOME kind of marketable skill besides knowing how to operate a video camera. Otherwise, all those porn star women wouldn’t find their careers capped when they record their variations of “Debbie Does it With a Dachshund” or whatever.

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