News Roundup

And today:

...with all the usual mil-spec quality controls one has come to expect from the MoD., our 2A rights are safe, then.

...and to think, they stopped working on that silly cancer cure thing, just for this.  I suspect government funding is behind this one.

...yeah, that “soft on crime approach” is working everywhere it’s tried.

...good fucking question.  Too bad it wasn’t Biden asking it.

...uh, I hate to break it to you, Blimpo, but I have more chance of winning New Hampshire than you do.

From the Dept. of Global Cooling Climate Warming Change©: opposed to the date they predicted in 2001:  January 12, 2015.

From the Dept. of Health, two opinions: written by “experts”, and the following appeared in the same newspaper on the very same day:

...and I’ll call next time I’m in town, I promise. me when when a bunch of people die from this latest variant — because nobody has yet, despite all the fearmongering.

From the Wild Kingdom: sharks need any help in that department.

...1. shoot it. 2. shoot it again. 3. shoot the owner.

In Economics News:

...don’t say he didn’t warn ya.

From the Heart of Stone Department:

...too bad it wasn’t on the return trip, but them’s the breaks.

...okay, how many of you have ever thought about doing this?

...yeah, me too.



  ...and on a parallel train of thought:


And lest you think I never give you anything useful in these Roundups:



  1. How did Josh Kruger (probably knew his shooter, rough trade) not make the news lineup?

  2. Was Russel Brand offering 50 pounds to sleep with the boyfriend? Or the Woman? The headline isn’t clear…

  3. Glad to know that the British Isles are protected by the most up-to-date military establishment…
    News from 1066!

  4. “Cocaine-fuelled sharks are attacking surfers after drug lords dump hauls in the ocean.”

    And people were terrified of “sharks with frikkin’ laser beams”…

    But as long as the sharks confine themselves to attacking surfers, I really don’t see any harm.

  5. And I’m sure Cammie will do the same bang-up job on gun control that she did on border security.

    1. given that on border security she achieved exactly what she intended to, are you sure you want that?

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