Sometime ago, a commenter asked:  “What happened to Nigella Lawson?  You used to be so sweet on her”  (or words of that nature).

Simple answer:  she lost a whole bunch of weight, and along with that, Nigella got all gaunt ‘n stuff.  (It’s all okay to lose weight;  but sometimes, something essential is lost along the way.)

I thought I’d illustrate the point with (what else?) a couple of pics.  Here’s Our Girl in years gone by:

And magnificently tousled:

Then she started to lose weight:

And had she stopped there, I think we can all agree that this would have been fine.  But she didn’t:

I mean the basics are still there, but…

And a couple more reminders of days gone by:

See what I mean?

I know;  she’s got older, too — but the gaunt, “skinnier” Nigella just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  And that’s a Sad Thing.


  1. “Gaunt” seems a somewhat harsh description in this case, especially compared to some other lovelies posted here recently, such as Aniston, Graham, and others. Those chicks have faces going gaunt, even as they have visible abs and bikini bodies.
    It’s said that a woman past forty has to choose whether to preserve her face or her ass, as she can’t do both. Most American actresses seem to keep their narrow asses and let their faces go to hell, often resorting to surgery to patch up their gaunt faces. (Call that the Jane Fonda method.) Non-American actresses seem to preserve their beauty and become more cushy, ass-wise. See Bellucci, Hayek, Rossellini, Loren, Mirren, BInoche, and many, many more. Aussie actresses seem to behave like the Americans, e.g. Kidman stays slim, but her face is not her own anymore.
    There are some Americans who go the European way, Liv Tyler comes to mind, but most save their asses.

    1. Woke up with a start this morning realizing that I omitted the best exemplar of the European “save the face” approach … Deneuve. She wasn’t the first notable, that was probably Bergman, but wow.

      1. Curvy ladies are the best hands down. Any guy is WAY better off with a curvy woman who will eat a bite of their cheeseburger or a chunk of well marbled steak instead of some skinny self righteous cunt who demands their man masticate on greens or very small portions of lean meat.

  2. Curvy brunettes are the best. Especially those 40 and up.

    Nigella has lost a fair amount of weight, but I still think she is very attractive.

    Some women get disgustingly skinny, I wouldn’t say that’s what happened here.

    She looks great both ways, thinner or curvy, but yes curvy is preferred. Again, Either way she is a cute brunette.

    My fav’s have always been Jennifer Tilly and Rachael Ray. They still both have nice curves.

    To your overall point, curves are the best. Skinny and gaunt is not an attractive thing in many cases.

  3. I have to agree with you here. She went from curvy and pretty, to just another severe looking yenta. One of millions, indistinguishable.

    I see dozens like her every day in North Dallas.

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