Quote Of The Day

From Glenn Reynolds:

“At some point, the government’s behavior is sufficiently illegitimate that people will start acting outside of the usual channels. We’re getting dangerously close to that point, and our feckless overclass either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, or actively wants that to happen.”

He’s talking specifically about the attempt to muzzle Trump for the 2024 election, but in fact you could apply it to pretty much everything they’re doing right now, whether it’s gun control, primary school education, destruction of the oil industry or [fill in the blank].


  1. I’ve been an outlaw for 4 decades.
    Thanks to gargantuan gov’t criminality at all levels, there is no other way for a sane, honest person to live in this country.
    The Non-conformist and Anti-everythingist

  2. We KNOW they ‘don’t care’, and they probably don’t realize the numbers involved ( ‘five hundred MILLION jobs leave this country EVERY MONTH’
    – Nancy Pelosi a few years back !! – bunch of real math wizards ! ) so we are left with ‘they want it to happen’ !
    I’ll go with door #3, for two possible reasons –
    If it happens, martial law can be declared along with, I’m sure, a whole bunch of ADDITIONAL laws, limits, restrictions, etc. etc. that will put all of the serfs in their place and shut them up FOREVER !
    Second, because of their math skills they really believe that their gated communities, yachts, mansions, on and on will protect them from the
    riff-raff and they can live in splendor without a worry in the world !
    Remember ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ ??
    Corrected statement reads – ‘You will own nothing because WE WILL ALREADY own it and you will be happy because of the table scraps that we throw to you from time to time and allow you to keep/consume them. You will know that ANY outburst or trouble of ANY KIND and the scraps will disappear UNTIL YOU LEARN OBEDIENCE !’
    I hope I’m wrong, I really do.

  3. What’s the name of the book? “Three Felonies a Day?”
    It must be higher by now.
    Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but there are so many De Jure laws now, including some that do not require mens rea, that we have to add Tamara Keel’s variant, “Ignorance is no excuse for a law.”

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