Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From the Great State of Texas comes this news:

A liquor store clerk in Leander, Texas, shot and fatally wounded a 22-year-old man allegedly stealing alcohol on Wednesday.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that police were called about a theft at the store, then a confrontation between the store clerk and one of the three alleged thieves led to shots being fired.

Twenty-two-year-old Johnny Cabrera was struck by the clerk’s gunfire.

FOX 7 Austin noted that police found Cabrera a mile and a half from the liquor store “suffering from gunshot wounds.” He died while being transported to the hospital.

…keyword: “wounds” (pl.)

The usual, please:


    1. Not for stealing booze per se. More likely he got aggro when the clerk confronted him, hence violence threatened hence gun.

    2. It’s Texas. The only state in the Union where it’s legal (sometimes) to shoot to defend property.

      That doesn’t make it a good idea, but like Kim said, the violence probably escalated first.

      And three thieves vs. one clerk brings up disparity of force arguments.

    3. “Chose to stupidly risk his own life” for booze, really? There, fixed it.

  1. Police forces exist to protect the law-abiding from the law-breakers. But just as much, they exist to protect the law-breakers from the law-abiding. If we can expect a swift police response and some measure of judicial punishment for the various forms of miscreantry, we’re more than happy to go that route. (Most of us, anyway.) If either or both of these corrective measures are not available to us, we’ll do what needs to be done to protect our lives and our livelihoods.

  2. I look at LE the same as I looked at Air and Arty support when in the military: I’m going to call for it early and often, and am quite content if that fixes the situation. But I’m not got to let my position be overrun while waiting on them either.

  3. Leander, TX, for those who don’t know, is home to LaRue Tactical, makers of some of the best Stoner AR platform rifles (in both the small -15 and large -10 sizes) on the market.

    Also makers of my favorite bottle opener, the LaRue ‘Dillo Tactical Beverage Entry Tool.

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