Predictable Commie Response

As many people know, Chile is one of my favorite countries on Earth;  so when I saw that the Commies had been routed in the last elections there, I did a little Happy Dance:

Chile’s most prominent right-wing party has romped an election on Sunday night aimed at selecting members for the constitutional assembly responsible for drafting the country’s new constitution.

The assembly was tasked with creating a new constitution to replace the one that was implemented during the military rule of General Augusto Pinochet which many credited for making Chile the most prosperous country in the region.

Needless to say, the Commies wanted to get rid of this horrible thing because Commies:

A draft by a predominantly left-wing assembly was overwhelmingly rejected in a national referendum. The draft had proposed numerous changes, including replacing the Senate with a Chamber of Regions and recognizing Chile as a “plurinational state,” granting indigenous groups additional rights and guarantees.

It also guaranteed several social benefits and environmental standards, making it one of the most progressive constitutions worldwide.

But unfortunately for them:

The proposal was turned down by 62 percent of voters in September 2022, prompting the latest election.

The Republican Party, led by conservative firebrand José Antonio Kast, emerged victorious with 22 seats after winning over 35 percent of the votes.

Here’s what happens next:

The assembly will now face the challenging task of reconciling the conservative majority’s ideas with the demand for change that sparked the process. Starting from June, the newly appointed constitutional councilors will have a four-month window to deliberate, converse, and implement alterations to a new constitution.

A final decision from the voters on the redraft will be made via another vote in December. If Chileans reject the updated constitution, the country will retain its previous Pinochet-era constitution.

Looks good for our side, huh?  A decisive (conservative) majority is about to set about making changes to the national constitution, if needed.

Well, the Left aren’t going to let a little thing like a popular majority interfere with their plans, of course.  So in typical fashion, they’ve responded the way they always do in such situations:

Unidentified hooded men attacked the home of conservative Republican Party lawmaker Héctor Urban on Tuesday evening. Urban was recently elected to help draft a new constitution for Chile.

The attack at Urban’s residence took place hours after a group of unidentified men set a vehicle on fire that belonged to the local Victoria Municipality and opened fire on the government official that drove the vehicle, seriously injuring one of his legs. Urban’s father, René Urban, a farmer who was presently working at the scene of the fire, also had his truck shot at but suffered no injuries.

Unknown assailants also attacked a police station in the town after the attack on Urban’s residence on Tuesday evening. Two members of Chile’s Carabineros law enforcement gendarmerie were reportedly injured with pellets. 

Yeah, “unidentified gunmen” — probably some of those White Christian supremacist groups that we’re always hearing about.

These scumbags are the brothers-in-arms of those Leftist bastards who violently demonstrated outside the homes of our conservative Supreme Court justices and made death threats against them around the time of the Dobbs (anti-Roe v. Wade) decision.


  1. At it’s base, communism is one person demanding another person to do as they say.

    There can be only one response to such an arrangement and normal people know what that is.

    That response must always be delivered instantly and overwhelmingly.

    Otherwise you will find that the irrational demands of the communist will accelerate.

  2. Those Chilean communists have a lot to learn from European politicians. Here they just ignore the outcome of the referendum if it doesn’t go their way, claiming “the voters are too stupid to know what’s good for them”.

  3. When asked what it was like to take a human life, Polish freedom fighter Rafal Ganowicz replied “I wouldn’t know. I’ve only ever killed communists.”

  4. at some point, the tree of liberty will need to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

    What was that technique that was used in South Africa I think, it was a tire around the commie then doused with flammable liquid and then lit on fire for the rest of their miserable, wretched commie lives?

    Lots of great ways to dispose of these militant commies. Unfortunately, good men and women will have to roll up their sleeves and get dirty doing the necessary work.


  5. Attempting to deal with any group or party as a legitimate adversary whose roots are socialist/Marxist is a foolish thing to do. Every last party of that type is evil to the core, regardless of what their public platform espouses. To paraphrase, IIRC, Ayn Rand: good NEVER compromises with evil, for good can only lose ground and evil will only gain ground. As such, the perpetrators of this slap against the will of the Chilean electorate, if and when found, must be quickly executed and thrown into unmarked graves. Also, the party that no doubt sanctioned this thuggery not only needs to be dissolved, but its leaders require the same harsh treatment. Handling socialist/Marxists with kid gloves only emboldens them to grab more power. True, this will not completely eliminate the vermin—nothing can do that as long as envy and laziness, the main impetus for S/M, are part of the human race—but it will keep them at bay, at least until a new crop needs culling.

  6. I can’t think of one instance where shooting a Marxist isn’t a good solution. Flat tire, shoot a Marxist.

  7. Communists, socialists, faschists, rats, cockroaches, mice, mosquitos are all a blight on society and should be treated accordingly.


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