Here are three headlines:

…and it is:

…but wait!

U.S. Govt spin:  “See?  We’re ten times better than the Euros!”

Ordinary Americans:  “In so many ways.  Now shuddup and fix our economy — or better yet, get out of the fucking way and let us fix it ourselves.”

We’re going to need 3-4% quarterly growth just to catch up with the Trump years, and there’s no way we’re going to achieve that under the current Administration.


  1. What problem?

    The Biden administration has reduced the deficient by a Billion / Trillion Dollars. He says so in almost every speech. Not a Joke….. Get with the program Jack!!!

  2. Apparently, the individual in-charge of the current Administration is the administrator.
    Based on all the evidence, I think the spoken accent should be on the final two syllables…

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