Dry Well

I warned y’all yesterday that there’s not much to write about these days — unless I’m to write about Britishland’s Royal Family and the price of fucking eggs Over Here.

Or maybe I’m just getting jaded, what with all the bullshit that’s been flying around recently.  Sheesh, it’s even difficult to find content for the one-liner News Roundup…

Here’s Uberti’s version of the Remington 1890 Police model, this one in the manly .44-40 chambering (although unlike the original, it’s available in other calibers):

More later, if anything pops up.  Don’t hold your breath.


  1. Lots to talk about:

    What do you think of California’s Handgun Roster finally being shot down in court?

    What about the Fed driving regional banks out of business with the SVB bailout? The lesson learned is that if you have large payrolls or accounts, your money is safer in banks that are “too big to fail” and more likely to be cherry picked for survival.

    Will Barron Trump ever stop growing? What are they feeding that boy?

  2. I always liked the look of the Remington revolvers from that era. I’ve had several replica cap-n-ball black powder revolvers of the 1858 Remington design. I even have a replica of the 1858 modified to fire .45 Colt cartridges, similar to what Clint carried in Pale Rider. Fun guns. More robust than the Colts of that time too.

  3. Re dry well – I understand and sympathize. Have also stopped reading repetitive gloom about and condemnation of woke bullshit, transgender lunacy, DC’s rotting corpse and how artificial intelligence will soon run life, the universe and everything.

    Suggestion – how about more interesting episodes from your yoot or about eccentric characters you have known?

  4. fine looking revolver. Black powder is one area of firearms that I do not wish to go back to. Keeping a smooth bore Brown Bess reproduction clean was enough of a chore. I can’t imagine trying to keep a firearm with rifling clean after shooting black powder.


  5. Dammit, Kim, every time you casually post something g like that I’m in grave danger of making an impulse purchase. That is drop dead gorgeous!

    Luckily last impulse purchase was a Buck Prince pocket knife. Last year, though, you “cost” me a Ruger GP101 and an SP101 purchase.

    Be still my foolish heart.

  6. If pricing and availability were not huge issues, I’d have in my possession right now 1) a western revolver and 2) a lever gun, both in .45 so that only 1 ammunition is necessary. Preferably the pistol would be Colt and the lever Winchester. I mean, if you’re going to dream, dream BIG! Of course I’d also have all the proper accompaniments, Clint Eastwood mid-60’s pistol holster, horse scabbard for the lever, and at least 10,000 rds of ammo. No I don’t have a horse but if we’re taking that into consideration then, yes, 2 decent 4 wheel drive horse. I for ridin’ and 1 for packin’. Yeah, I’d like to be an independently wealthy cowboy with zillions of acres of land to live on.

  7. I got rid of a Ruger Blackhawk in .357mag to finance a used beretta 92FS ages ago. I wish I still had the Ruger. the Beretta is nice but the Blackhawk was made in the 70s or 80s. I just didn’t shoot it very much once I had acquired a double action revolver. We hung on to the wife’s Ruger Single Six with the 22lr and 22mag cylinders. She doesn’t like the small loading gate. I take it out when the John Wayne bug hits. Got rid of a Winchester 9422 because I couldn’t hit with it and I used that to finance a M1A.


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