Slim Pickings

I have to say that for an armchair commentator and pundit like me, there’s not much to write about at the moment — I’m really bored with politics — which is why the posts on this here back porch have recently been mostly about cars, boobs, guns and a little bit of art.

Not, as one Reader told me, that this is necessarily A Bad Thing, especially when it comes to the classics:

1935 SS (later Jaguar) 90 Airline

Yvonne Furneaux

And just for the hell of it, a different take on the venerable Ruger 10/22:  a twin-gun mount with a Gatling-style actuator and two 25-round mags:

John Atkinson Grimshaw — Boar Lane, Leeds

I would respectfully suggest that all the above are desirable, for different reasons.


  1. Thanks for the “Boar Lane, Leeds”, a beautiful work, and it reminds me of the pleasant surprise that was northern England. I expected it to be a hideous post-industrial slum and I was seriously wrong.

  2. That Gatling gun configuration used to be advertised in men’s magazines (cars, hunting, etc) pretty frequently back in the 70’s for somewhere around $30.

  3. Boobs, bullets, how about books and movies? music beyond the ear worm notes?

    We can get news from many other sites. I like coming here to read about things that matter like boobs, bullets, cars etc. I’m not a big car guy but I still like your posts on classic cars. Whether it’s a touring car or a sports car, they are very nice to look at


  4. Back around 1980 I was at a gun show and saw the two barreled gatteling gun. I studied enough to build a close copy. I borrowed my cousins 10-22 and got dad’s and made one. I was only 19 at the time and the two 25 round magazines cost as much as everything else I had in it. It was a big hit a the deer hunting camp that fall after the hunt. Where it went sideways was when I hooked up the electric motor and 4 C cell batteries. I got a half hour lecture from the game warden who was a member for the club. I had to agree to taking it apart and cutting up everything that was not 10-22.

    BTW: The lost password function does not work. I was finally able to peal the info off of a corrupted backup this past weekend.

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