1. In a really bad neighborhood in Memphis. Don’t know if there any good ones. Some years back I watched a pimp chase one of his working girls across Elvis Presley Boulevard, firing a small pistol as he went. It was either all for show or nobody got hit hard enough to do any real damage.

  1. From his early Gospel years (recorded 1957). It is said that many of his early fans, only having heard him via radio, were somewhat surprised to find out he was a “white boy” when he got on TV, or started touring.

  2. Today’s musical link seems appropriate.
    I have no need to see our singular shining beacon destroyed by internal warfare.
    Eugene, Oregon.
    David ‘Hawaiian Elvis’ Lomond.
    I witnessed dozens of his performances, as ‘Elvis’ and as a humble preacher.
    I honestly truly believe his voice is better than Mister Presley.
    Although his goofy impersonation act is always a hoot, Pastor Lomond’s heartfelt gospel music is quite moving.
    And I learned, with all the success Mister Presley enjoyed, he only earned the highest awards — an amazing three ‘Grammys’! — for his gospel music.
    For your enjoyment:

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