In a shocking development:

Fox News announced Wednesday that Trace Gallagher will be the new anchor of Fox News @ Night, replacing Shannon Bream, who now hosts Fox News Sunday.

Now I have nothing against Gallagher, whom I recall as a decent enough sort, back when I used to watch cable news shows, and Fox in particular.  But let’s just consider what’s happening here:

I mean… seriously?

Shannon is one of the foxiest [sic]  anchors on TV, and to relegate her to a Sunday-only position is not A Good Thing.  (I’m thinking of the welfare of Fox News regular viewers, here.)


  1. While I agree Shannon is easier on the eyes (well for us CIS males — did I say they right??) she may be fine with it. She’s a mom, she’s an author, stays busy on talk show circuit, this may not be a demotion, although we cannot know, she may have had a hand in it. I can say from recent pieces I’ve seen Trace in, he’s our kind of reporter, a real no-bullshit sort, which is rare in today’s newsrooms.

      1. Oh, and feel to use the term “normal” to define the kind of man who would find Ms. Bream attractive.

    1. I don’t think it’s a demotion. If you’re in the DC news business, hosting one of the Sunday AM network shows is a plum assignment. You’re guaranteed high-profile politicians to interview.

      It beats the 0000-0100 hour.

    1. Once you mention “Normal” the freaks get all technical and statistical and start arguing that no one can define normal.
      Freakin’ perverts.

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