In this silly article (don’t bother, you’ll just get bored and it’s the WaPo), some aggrieved Black woman concludes:

“A queen might be dead, but the legacy of white Christian supremacy lives on.”

To which my response would be:

“And what, precisely, would you replace it with?”

If one considers the possible alternatives (Black tribalism, atheistic totalitarianism etc.), I’m not so sure that White Christian Supremacy — as a form of government — is the worst of all the options available.  Certainly, it was White Christians who first abolished slavery (of all people, not just Blacks) through the governments of Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain, to name but three.  It was also White Christians who developed the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, without which very little of today’s civilization would exist.  Heck, White Christian Supremacy even created equations like 2+2=4, according to this moron.

I realize that White Christianity is not without its faults and shortcomings — but once again, when one compares it to the other options, it becomes like Churchill’s description of capitalism:  “The worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Ask me too whether I’d rather (even as an atheist) live in a White sorta-Christian nation like the United States vs. a Black tribal one, a Chinese totalitarian state, a Muslim theocracy or even a soft socialist country like New Zealand or Australia… and it’s not even a close decision.

Stupid bitch.


  1. Hi Kim.
    OK, I’ll admit it, I read it! I have to say that this lady’s grasp of history/the Monarchy is a touch… er iffy, to say the least.
    The UK is on its third female prime minister, HM famously told a certain Italian president to shut up, Commonwealth Forces attest to obey her, and her husband was never the king, but a Prince none the less. Hardly a victim of a patriarchy now, was she.

    Oh, and that whole ‘Defender of the Fairh’ thing, it is a Catholic title, nothing to do with the Church of England, or England itself.
    And quoting a TV show like The Crown as some sort of source is just plain embarrassing.

    You did warn me…..

    Cheers – rusty.

    1. She deserves to be in no position of responsibility. Cleaning a dog park is a more suitable endeavor for her

  2. The problem being that these people really think Africa was like Wakanda (I know you don’t watch comic book movies, but maybe you get the reference) rather than Mad Max.

    Mark D

  3. Hey LSD Face, have some of your students…..uhhhhh…..drones calculate the fuel load for a commercial airliner;
    Lemme see here, 2 farkles + 2 tabs = 4,000 liters.
    Board the plane. You’ll be the only one without a parachute, IF there is anyone else aboard.
    We’ve recently seen English buildings that have endured near a thousand years that were not designed and built by sub-Saharan Jujubees; at the time they were too busy keeping their mud huts from washing away.
    They still are.

  4. People like her only say stuff like this because they have never lived in one of the utopias they say they are so fervently of creating…

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