1. I was in San Francisco for a conference 30+ years ago and it was the dirtiest city I’d ever been in (or since). I see they haven’t done anything about that problem and have added some new ones. I’m not sure you could pay me enough to visit there now, let alone move there.

  2. these hippy utopias always fail. There are always more people who won’t pull their weight than there are productive people.


  3. 1985.
    For the decade earlier, I worked Law Enforcement, including three penitentiary settings.
    I am of an intimidating size, plus experienced some deeply-troubled individuals during my career, both sides of the line.
    frisco, California.
    Everybody flying in, we met relatives for an afternoon supper.
    During a short wait near the restaurant door, some goofball tried to pan-handle the four of us.
    I gave the goofball my ‘go-away’ battle-face.
    His reaction:
    * “Give me money or I spit on you!”
    My reaction:
    I stepped into his personal-space.
    This fried his few remaining neurons, nobody ever did that to him.
    Breathing into his rancid face, I smiled and quietly told him:
    * “Go away or we kill you.”
    The goofball stumbled off.
    The locals — eagerly digging into their wallets for a collection — were aghast!
    “You can’t treat TheHomeless© that way! Where is your compassion!”
    I guess I forgot it in Oregon.
    An aside:
    Any of the four of us would accelerate the suicide of that dim-bulb, and sleep soundly, knowing this particular planet was better for it.
    Did I mention my thoughts about the electric chair for executions?
    Did I mention my thoughts about the electric bench?
    The electric multi-purpose room?
    And the electric stadium?

    1. Invite them all to a free party in a sports stadium. Lock the gates. Throw in a thousand bottles of hooch and one meat cleaver.

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