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From the mouth of President Biden:

…which, if my trusty old math brain still works (oy), would mean that the 5.56mm poodleshooter comes out of Biden’s AR-15 barrel at 22,750 feet per second, by comparing it to the similarly-sized .22-250 Remington bullet (4,550 FPS).

The actual muzzle velocity of the 5.56mm bullet is, as we all know, about 3,250 fps.

So President Brain-Dead was exaggerating by a factor of seven, or flat-out lying, or he was just in his customary state of senile dementia.  All three combined, of course, cannot be ruled out.


  1. Democrat Physics — It is because we say it is — That’s just Science — We went to the elite College’s and our History professor told us it was true. ….. and just because you actually own those evvvvviiiiiil guns doesn’t make you an expert in them.

    Works just like cartoon Physics.

  2. If we politely assume the best (that he’s not deliberately lying), then the other possibility is something I see frequently in my technical field with mid-level management. Certain people think they are smarter than they really are, but deep down know that they are not. They hear something technical from an actual smart person and thing, gee, that sounds good, I can use that info. They then repeat it to others, often mangling the statement in some horrible fashion. Repeatedly. But they are too stupid to realize it and continue on insisting they are correct. When questioned, they then turn to me as if I’m going support their horrible misstatement to upper management. More than once I’ve burned them by not so politely correcting their statement in the middle of a meeting.

    What? I’ve been passed over for promotion yet again? Tell me it ain’t so! But here I am still employed and they’re out there on LinkedIn posting their resumes.

    Biden apparently heard something somewhere, probably incorrect in the original statement, and he decided to repeat it with some embellishment. Just cause he thinks no one will publicly question him. No matter how badly he mangles the statement. All in service to whatever his handlers tell him to do.

    1. Mr. President … There are some scary looking guys here from DARPA that want to talk to you about revealing secrets and Hypersonic weapons again.

  3. And the science shows just to be clear about the AR-15 bullet speed, when a bullet goes within two feet of a human body, the concussion of the sonic boom turns the brain and brain stem into a compressed, jellied mass causing instant death.

  4. My daughter who was at school when two gunmen opened fire (in other classrooms), has struggled with embracing firearms. She wants to own one and intellectually understands why they are important but still struggles with lingering PTSD.

    Anyway, we’re at my uncle’s place and he likes showing off his gun collection and most recent acquisitions. He had always been a bigger fan of 7.62x39mm rifles so I was a bit surprised when he pulled out an AR-15 as his latest trophy. He asked my daughter if she knew what it was. She shrugged and he told her it was an AR-15 and handed it to her. Her response as she took it was “That’s it? That’s what my liberal friends are so insane about?” She then asked us if gun control people were really that dumb or just that ignorant? In unison my uncle and I said “both”. I mean her whole demeanor was that of someone who was profoundly underwhelmed and just shown something that utterly failed to live up to the hype.

    The point being, as her generation starts reaching voting age (my daughter votes for this first time this November), we need to understand that they aren’t just a generation of kids who have little real experience around firearms but who have also been raised to think that rifles like the AR-15 are somehow imbued with extra evil and are somehow a bigger deal than they actually are.

  5. Dear Jill Biden:

    For all your power and authority as First Lady of these here United States, can’t you find ANYONE in the Democrat half of the nation that can either keep Foggy Joe away from the microphones, or at least use some of that government-surplus duct tape to keep him quiet?

    That fuzzy-brained old man is an embarrassment!

    1. Huh? Jilly thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. DOCTOR Jill the baby sitter is a needy woman basking in the reflected glow of her teeth-whitened, hair plugged, Man-Tanned mannequin. No way she’d have him give up that stage; otherwise he and thereby she would be unnoticed, rattling around in a big white house devoid of any activity or joy.

  6. Wouldn’t that high a muzzle velocity mean the bullet would go clean through most anything without doing serious damage?
    A slower projectile tends to tumble more, do more damage to the target, be more lethal in general.

  7. Man where can I get one of those? (assuming the 20k FPS models don’t blow the hell up, I want one )

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