So I’m reading through this post about how your favorite band describes you at Middle Finger, and I’m chuckling at some of the funny ones, e.g.

Jimi Hendrix: You are under 20 or over 65
Chicago: You are incapable of talking about Chicago without mentioning their horn section
Van Halen: You have a Peeing Calvin bumper sticker on your Ford F100
Bachman-Turner Overdrive: You have an actual urine stain on your Ford F100
— and —
AC/DC: You are the cause of the urine stain

All funny stuff, until you see this one:

Joe Walsh: You have fired a gun while in your underwear

Has somebody been spying on me?


  1. And in a quick scan of the list I didn’t see Jethro Tull. Maybe something like:

    “Jethro Tull: You have injured yourself attempting to keep to a 7/5 time signature.”

  2. Out of the lot, CCR is one of my favorite groups. Saw John Fogerty a few years ago in concert. It was very good. My eyebrows are intact.


  3. Joe Walsh: You have fired a gun while in your underwear

    Okay, there’s another one for the Bucket List.

    Except, I just might do that one better:

    Here in the wilds of Floriduh, I can go starkers out back without offending anyone except the raccoons and gators. And, as my property is greater than one acre, I can legally shoot a gun on it; as long as nothing leaves my property.

    So… if I take a pot-shot at a gator in my pond, I just might do it in my thread-worn, stained and wrinkled birthday suit. Achievement Unlocked!

    You’re welcome for that visual. Why should my wife be the only one that suffers?

  4. Finally, the appeal of Black Sabbath explained! Chicago was my favorite band as a kid, and I always start with not the horn section, but with Terry Kath. About whom Hendrix once remarked to one of the horn players “Y’know, your guitar player is better than me.” Plus, Terry Kath taught us all a valuable life lesson: don’t play Russian roulette when you’re shitfaced. Thanks Terry!

  5. Along the same lines as the post above from Charlie Foxtrot – the Alaskan version:

    You have fired your gun in your underwear – at a bear in the middle of a summer night in Alaska.


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