Another Added To The List

There is no limit to the micro-managing that a Blue state can descend to:

The bill — Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair — prohibits discrimination based on natural and protective hairstyles, including braids, locks, twists and Bantu knots. It also blocks Bay Staters from being denied employment or educational opportunities due to their hairstyles and textures.
Gov. Baker described the nexus of the CROWN Act as a “citizen movement,” started by a “very small number of people in which the right thing to do became clearer and clearer the longer the discussion went on.”


And while we’re there, some old-fashioned ones:


And of course, my old favorite style chart:


  1. I’m sure the citizens / subjects of Massachusetts are very pleased that all of the important matters have been settled thus allowing their leaders / masters to move on to addressing hair discrimination.

    1. The preferred term is ‘inmates’, not citizens or subjects. You must also always use the correct name of our glorious commonwealth, comrade – The Democratic People’s Republic of Massachusetts, or if you must abbreviate: DPRofMA. Also remember that the DPRofMA is at war with New Hampshire, and has always been at war with New Hampshire.

      My escape plan has several years yet to reach fruition. Hope the DPRofMA doesn’t implode before then, the immediate emergency escape plan has a few major flaws. After that, fence it off and let it serve as a bad example to others.


  2. I’m fine with natural hairstyles. (I actually think virtually everyone looks better with their natural hair.) I wouldn’t hire someone with blue or pink or purple hair.

  3. which lawsuit will be first?

    1) I can’t wear a hard hat or wrap my hair back to prevent it getting stuck in a machine because that suppresses my natural hair style

    2) My hair is stuck in a machine or got pulled out and I demand worker’s comp although I refused personal protective equipment

    3) you denied me a job because I won’t wear PPE since it disrupts my natural locks


  4. Oh and I believe the residents of the Democratic Republic of Massachusetts are serfs. It’s such a shame that this once cradle of Liberty has become a cesspit of statism.


  5. Whiney, showboating, loud mouths needing cracked across the yap on a regular basis. Catering to adults pretending to be children gets you more of the same.

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