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And you’re going to need a drink after today’s Roundup…

waaayyy ahead of you.  See next item.

JUST in time for the mid-term elections and mail-in votes.  Fuck you, fuck your masks, fuck your “social distancing”, and fuck your lockdowns.

shouldn’t be in ANY legislation, ever.

and that’s PRESIDENT Ron DeSantis, to you.

and I can’t wait to see the news videos of Girlyman Trudeau running to board his escape plane to VenezuelaOtherwise:  so long, Canuckistan;  it was nice to know ya.

ummm have you heard of this “NATO” thing?

leading to, one hopes, a consumer blacklist of Verizon.


headline duly edited for this Roundup, because if you’re going to mention the race of the victim, it’s only fair to mention the race of the criminals, right?  RIGHT?

only in the fashion industry could winter clothing be considered for summer wear.

And in no-link INSIGNIFICA:


…and here’s why no links in INSIGNIFICA:

seeing as the Britcops have ended all OTHER crime in the country, let’s make up some new crimes.

Finally (to help erase the Gemma Collins pic):

Legs, hey?  Didn’t know she had ’em, never got that far down.

And that, I’m sure, classifies as news.


  1. “…and that’s PRESIDENT Ron DeSantis, to you.”

    From your lips to God’s ears.

  2. Referring to that nyc health commissioner’s remark, does that mean he sees one of the commiecrats’ main voting blocks as monkeys?

  3. Smoked fish flavored vodka.
    No doubt it’s to compete with Retsina, the Christmas Tree-flavored wine from Greece.

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