Wedding Party

One of Rupert Murdoch’s grandspawn got married over the weekend.  Normally, of course, I would ignore nonsense like this, but I had to share the fun with My Loyal Readers.

First, there was the fact that the day before the wedding, ol’ Rupert told wife Jerry Hall (the ex-Mrs. Mick Jagger) that he was dumping her — told her this by email.  Pretty classless, but more or less standard behavior of the man christened the “Dirty Digger” by various press outlets.

Second, there was the bridal party, and I’ll leave it to you to find the flyshit in the sugar bowl:

And lastly, there was the bridal couple:

Here’s a full frontal of Rupert’s granddaughter:

Black and white, in color.  The tattoos don’t even match the dress pattern…

It all just shows, as if we ever needed a reminder, that money doesn’t buy class.


  1. Who wears sneakers with their bridesmaids dress??

    Other than that, everything else looks par for the course.

  2. Those look like the kind of tattoos you find on you when you wake up face down on the pavement, and you wonder where you got them. Also, where the hell are you? And what day is it? And what’s that awful smell?

    (Later, you figure out it’s San Francisco, Tuesday, and you, but you never do figure out where you got the tats.)

  3. The bridegroom needs to schedule a meeting and invite his pants to meet his shoes.
    And looks like he outgrew the trousers about four years ago. Cancel the meeting and buy some new ones.

  4. After lo these many decades of being mentally a blue color kid that moved up I have concluded money buys EXACTLY the sort of shit on display here.

    Not having to work they can spend their time looking like freaks because they answer to hardly anyone.
    Look at dweeby pampered little shit that shot up the parade yesterday. Tatted all over with cute little tats, living in the guest house behind mom and dad, unemployed because he lost his job during the plandemIc that ended over a year ago. Take a look at some of his photos, there’s one in a which he looks to be wearing a watch that for that price better wake me up with a blowjob, coffee, and danish every morning.

    A member of Antifa, a rich little shit’s organization since they appear to be mostly young white and unemployed so they have time to drive around the country attending their little peacefully violent parties.

    Yeah wealth doesn’t buy class, but it sure buys a lot of basically useless and classless shit for tasteless, useless, classless people.

    1. A thought about this over breakfast this morning:
      It is apparent that our “Mental Health System” is in need of a serious, top-to-bottom, re-ordering, because IT IS JUST NOT FUCKING WORKING!
      We’ve tried Freud, we’ve tried Jung, and countless others; it’s time we tried using the methods of the F. Lee Ermey School of Mental Health – they’ll either get better, and stay better, or they will be locked up in a hole and left to die. Oh, and as we institute this new regimen of treatment, we de-credential all of our current M-H “Experts”, and ship them all off to Timbuktu for a lifetime of exile. And, NO, I have nothing against Timbuktu except that it is close to the arm-pit of the Earth, and is about as close as anyone sentient would want to get.
      Highland Park is another of a long list of “known wolves” that have been in the cross-hairs of LE, and nothing was done to keep this shit-head away from people he could hurt, did hurt, and the means to hurt.
      There is a lot of ass-kicking that needs to be done, and I need some new brogans.

  5. I am just shaking my head and trying to refocus my eyes, that shit show of extreme wealth is fascinating part of a world I don’t know much about and certainly don’t understand. Bride who is an obvious addict marries a guy who she said was her user buddy until he went into rehab and alter somehow the magic occurs and there she is little miss wonderful in a pasted on her boobs dress showing off her nasty done under the influence tattoos including her logo,, a heart with devil’s horns which is also affixed to the door of their getaway car. Expensive clothing on Rupert Murdoch, family and friends that has been designed to look as if it came from a Goodwill store and the backup freaks including the dude scratching his nuts in one photo wearing his bridesmaid dress, pure class.

    What a wasted bunch of rich humans, I have no idea what it would be like to have so much money you could never spend it all, no matter how hard you tried. As we can see several generations downstream their lot in life produces trash.

  6. I have a bad feeling at some point before I die I’m going to get invited AND expected to attend some low budget version of this shitshow.

  7. Oh GoodLawdA’mighty! Would it be impolite to bark as she comes down the aisle? Did they swap out the “Bridal March” for “Who Let the Dogs Out”?

  8. Gollee! Cruella deVille has put on a few stone, let alone all the tats. Any dalmatians nearby?

    Rupert and his whole family are way passed their use by date. Won’t watch or read anything he or the family touches.

    Hat tip to Kim for buying eye bleach in bulk.

  9. Bolsheviks came from universities with students brain washed by professors who convinced then there bourgeoise parents are responsible for all their ills. So they revolt. which has both professions out on the street when the group now hated who paid for all this, stop paying. Mostly because the riots have destroyed the revenue streams.

    Seems like this story has played out before.

  10. I hate it when the only bridesmaid showing camel toe only has one toe…

    1. …as for the bride if I were out at the pub having a few and she walked in I’d assume she was absolute gutter trash and that whomever lowered himself to taking her home had better have a good stash of condoms and Narcan.

  11. Looks like she eats regular.
    Good to see a gal with a healthy appetite.
    Do they charge extra for that size?

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