Paul Revere, Part Deux: The Calis Are Coming!

Now here’s a cause for alarm:

Musk’s electric car company wasn’t the only Silicon Valley giant to make the move and is unlikely to be the last. Bloomberg reports that Hewlett Packard made the shift after citing the difference in real estate expenses between the Golden and Lone Star states, with Oracle Corp also making the move. If other major companies also make the decision to leave Silicon Valley, it could spell disaster for the area — especially given how income and employee numbers are split. If just Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon, and Cisco left Silicon Valley would lose 20% of its employees and billions of dollars in GDP. High taxes and living costs may soon drive companies and workers away from Silicon Valley, and towards cheaper states with Texas a regular target.

Frankly… no.

I have no desire to have those woke asshole corporations come to my beloved Texas, and change our way of life — already in some danger thanks to their predecessors — into something that more resembles California’s.  And change it they will, make no mistake, because they will come with shitloads of money:  money that will buy them politicians and local government officials, and their wokist, Green attitudes will gain a foothold — or, I should say, a stronger foothold — when in fact few Texans outside Austin want that crap to change their lives.

Here’s a little warning to liberal Californians:  EVERYBODY HATES YOU.  I mean really, really hates you.  Your insufferable liberal smugness and superiority, your ability to drive up affordable local real estate values fueled by the proceeds of your bloated California property prices,  your liberal mindset and your insistence that everywhere you move must change into what you just left behind — all that and more does not endear you to the locals.  So do not act surprised when your appearance is not only not welcomed, but treated with dismay or even outright hostility.

I remember chatting to a guy in small-town Idaho who had moved there to escape all the expat Californians in Colorado (seriously), and was horrified to learn that said insects were now starting to infest his new home town.  When I asked him why they would move there when there was absolutely no real industry to attract them, he just snorted and said, “Retirees.”

I wish you could have seen the expression of loathing on his face and heard the utter hatred in his voice.

It may come as some surprise to Californians, but most people don’t actually care if in their little towns there are no vegan restaurants, cute little gourmet bistros that sell kiddie portions at adult prices, yoga studios, Lululemon outlets and all the unnecessary shit that Californians seem to regard as critical to their precious “lifestyle”.  And by the way:  there aren’t going to be a lot of charging outlets for your precious Priuses and Teslas, so don’t complain about that when it can all be solved by leaving that shit behind and buying a Ford F-150.  In fact, that’s a perfect analogy for the changes that you have to make if you want to be accepted:  ditch the attitude and go native, because nobody cares how you did things in California, even if you feel that it’s so much better and can’t stop telling people that.

And by the way:  if you do move out of California and relocate to America, one of your first actions should be to buy a fucking gun (preferably several) and a truckload of ammo.  And if that course of action causes you to recoil or feel uncomfortable, then you may want to just keep on driving through Arizona, Texas and Tennessee until you get to Massachusetts or New York, where they feel the same way about those icky guns as you do.

Bloody hell, just the thought of Google moving to Plano makes me want to start looking at real estate in east Tennessee or rural Idaho.

I think I’ll go to the range.


  1. I think we should pass a legal resident law where you cannot vote in any election – state or federal – until after you lived in Texas at least 3 years after moving here from California, Oregon, Washington (state and DC), New York, etc. and so forth. If you want to vote, either maintain residence in your old state or don’t move. Given that last election the Dems were encouraging liberals from California to rent an apartment in Georgia for a month and then vote there (as well as in their home state of Cali), means that all rules are off the table and anything goes.

    The property value thing is a killer. My son and his wife bought a house last year. They missed on several houses where they were outbid with the other party bidding up to $60k over asking price. It’s beyond ridiculous. Between Californians with their high property value moving in and Blackrock using investment money to buy up everything else, regular people almost can’t buy a house anymore. At least not in any desirable market next to employment opportunities.

    Damn commies.

    1. “Blackrock using investment money to buy up everything else, regular people almost can’t buy a house anymore.”

      This is the scariest problem. Home ownership is already out of reach for a lot of folks, and it’s just going to get worse because, honestly, you can’t really fight capital at that level on an individual basis. Some of the more posh towns with large service industries dedicated to the wealthy are having trouble attracting people to serve them because the folks who work there can’t afford to live close enough for it to make sense. The solution, it seems, rather than just raising wages, is that large businesses and resorts are buying up property and converting it into company-owned housing and bunkhouses for employees. To quote Merle Travis: “I owe my soul to the company store.” They’re not commies; they’re capitalists.

      1. “Some of the more posh towns with large service industries dedicated to the wealthy are having trouble attracting people to serve them because the folks who work there can’t afford to live close enough for it to make sense. ”

        Don’t worry, the Federal government’s got a plan for that, and of course it’s at the expense of the citizenry: J-1 visas. There’s a large tourist gift shop here in Galveston that has foreigners who come here to work selling tchotchkes.

  2. I think the kind of social and economic changes which result from businesses and people moving to new areas are inevitable. I’m not terribly happy about it happening, but I remind myself that cultures and norms change, and I’m probably responsible for changes to my area of which I’m completely ignorant. I grew up mostly outside the US, and we moved around a great deal — my family always tried to adapt to the local culture as much as we could, and generally not be irritating to the locals.

    That said, the California culture can be fairly annoying. My favorite CA story dates back to 5 or 6 years ago when I was out there for a wedding in a very posh costal town. I had to hit a quickie mart to pick up stuff for the rugrats, and as I was checking out the clerk asked me if I had a bag to carry what I was buying. Given that I was basically on the beach, I said no. She said the locality required a $0.10 charge for a plastic bag. I said something like “Uh, ok, fine, never heard of that, kinda weird, but yeah.” The lady in line behind me chimed in and loftily exclaimed: “In California we care about pollution in our ocean and the health of the sea creatures who live there.” I paused for a second, given it was such an odd thing to say to a random stranger, but I had what I thought was a solid response. I smiled and said: “We do, too, in Pennsylvania. But we don’t charge for plastic bags; we just don’t throw our trash in the ocean.” Clerk laughed. Random lady scowled. I felt, to use their lingo, very validated.

  3. and with all the New Yawkers, Jersyites, M-asses, and Connets, as well as the far left “liberals” from the upper mid-West coming down to Florida, I might agree with Hank Johnson, Florida’s gonna tip over into the deep blue.

  4. IMO, I think this is intentional. My theory for the last 8 years of watching California drive out the working class (middle and lower), is they are creating their Elysium Fields.

    Once AI is full operational, they don’t need workers anymore. The machines will produce whatever they want/need at immediate request.

    The general push down that this is triggering across the USA will be felt eventually as well.

    At this point, I don’t think any of the policies of the DP are stoppable across the USA. We *will* lose gas and oil, we *will* lose nuclear, and even now, environmentalists are attacking Lithium the key component in the “green power” revolution.

    The plan is us in huts, them in castles, with machines protecting and coddling them 24/7.

    Who is them? It’s more than the “obvious” billionaires. But put a finger on them? I could not.

  5. One could have a lucrative side-hustle selling bumper stickers to Texans that say “Oh, shut up. If California didn’t suck, you’d still be there”

  6. Running from them isn’t the answer.

    You know what has to be done.

    And it has to be done before we’re so buried under them we’ll be their bitch no matter how big we think our balls are (hmmm….wonder if that’s where some of this whole “trans” fad is coming from).

  7. They really don’t understand. I see a blue state tag on one of these locusts cars and I start screaming “GO HOME! GO THE F>> HOME AND LEARN TO DRIVE”

    When I moved to DFW in 2001, It was like a breath of fresh air. And I learned (and was told) how things were.

    I sure as hell didn’t move in and immediately put ghey signs on my yard like the nob up the street. Didn’t even have his california tags swapped out before he had a BLM and “everyone is our neighbor” sign up. He’s recently replaced his Ukraine flag with a big dumb rainbow flag – the really offensive one with more colors of the alphabet.

    I walk past with my best Clint Eastwood Grand Torino grumble look.

    BTW I moved here from Northern VA, inside the DC beltway.

    I left Plano because these locusts made it identical to Northern VA. Crowded and stupid.

  8. I’m hoping to be one of those retirees from Washington soon-ish. (More ish than I want given recent market performance…) Escapee, maybe?

    Looking to South Dakota more than Texas, but, trust me, I won’t be bringing the guns per household average down. I’m looking forward to a refreshingly non-left coast idiocy. I wouldn’t be bothered by a delay on voting eligibility. Need to fit in.

  9. Washington, DC is a metastasizing cancer which has now swallowed up everything within a 50 mile radius. I-95 north of Richmond is near-impassable, because the once charming town of Fredericksburg, 50 miles south of DC, has become a gigantic , sprawling bedroom community for DC commuters.
    The plague of blue locusts has arrived in Richmond as well. There was a nice 3,000 sq ft brick ranch house down the street on a lousy lot a billy goat would love that I thought would sell for $375K – $385K.
    A bumper stickered Coexist/NARAL/Biden/Harris bitch from California sold her crummy 1,100 sq ft shack near Venice for $1.3M and sight unseen, outbid a couple New Yawkers to the tune of $560K!!!
    Good for the seller, but my county tax assessment value went up ~$100K after that and I’ve derived no increased benefit, because I planned to age in place. Given the garbage that’s selling around here for more than I thought my house was worth, I now haven’t a choice but to do that.

    1. In my lifetime the Mason Dixon Line has moved from the PA – MD border to the Potomac River, then the Rappahannock River, and is now approaching the James River. Time to push it back.

  10. They have overrun Boise. Literally every 3rd plate you see is a Cali plate. And those are just the ones that haven’t swapped yet.

    We seem to have avoided the ultra woke-assholes so far, and most of them seem to adhere to Team Elephant, but of the Mitt Romney stripe. Still we ended up with a Commie Mayor, and a douche-bag Police Chief who is shutting down the Gang-unit in favor of a “softer” approach.

    Have a buddy who’s high end neighborhood got overrun with them, now they dominate the HOA board, so all the “green” bullshit gets implemented by the HOA, and that’s how it goes.

    But its not just ID, its the whole west. MT & CO have been overrun, the poor bastards in rural Oregon & Washington get double-dicked by Cali’s and Portland/Seattle-ites.

  11. I have written on this subject a whoop-load of times, and usually with a lot more profanity than you used in your article.

    The problem is real. The flow of garbage and effluence from Cali has been horrible for years, but it is beginning to improve since they somehow got the idea that Texas is a better place to live than Arizona.

    I’ve been telling you that for years. You Cali losers won’t like it here. It’s way too hot, there’s no beach that isn’t also way too hot, and most important: WE HATE YOUR LOUSY, FESTERING, COMMIE ASSES!!!

    Sorry, Texas. We’ll do what we can to redirect the Cali refugees north to Coloradical-o, but beyond that, you’re on your own!

    1. Might as well send them here. The damage done here in Colorado is pretty well complete.

    2. I had a pretty sweet deal in Santa Cruz County Arizona (1400 sq ft home on 39 acres, backing up to the Coronado National Forest). Then the libtards from Cali started moving in with a quickness. Then the border fell apart and the town defunded the police department and left Law Enforcement up to the county (40 minute response time). The last straw was when a couple of retired attorneys from Cali moved into the area and started threatening lawsuits for every little thing that didn’t match their Cali sensitivities. I sold out last March.
      I’m stuck in Northern VA with a hard-working, much younger wife. It looks like I’ll get drug out of here feet first, but in the mean time, I spend as much time in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee as I can.

  12. A FOAF moved from the SF Bay Area to the Dallas area for his wife’s job. He had some experience in the brew pub business so he was going to open a microbrewery.

    He owned the name San Francisco Brewing and the smirking, arrogant bunghole would not even listen to reasons why that was not good marketing to sell expensive beer in Texas.

  13. Hey there may be some hope. I left the People’s Republic of New Jersey in 1980. I’ll admit that I was a “non typical” Jersey boy because I was an outdoors guy and voted Republican.

    The first thing I did when I got to Oklahoma was buy a used Model 94 Winchester 30-30. I figured that if I lived in a cowboy state I needed a cowboy gun. I was shocked – shocked I tell you that I was able to walk out of the store on the same day with no more hassles than “Have a good day”. Purchase number two was Yugo 8mm Mauser. No paperwork other than the federal level stuff.

    Forty years later my safe holds enough rifles and pistols to give the gargoyles on the View a severe case of the vapors. Oklahoma is home and I’ve been active in politics as a conservative gun owning, church going, deplorable.I know that I’m on plenty of lists but I’m ready for them to try to come for me. Not all immigrants are bad Some of us make our adopted homes better.

  14. I fly the stars and stripes in front of my house behind enemy lines and when I move to free America that’s the first thing that gets unpacked and flown. Either that or a Gadsden flag so that my new neighbors know that I’m an American and not one of those blue state commies that infect and infest our wonderful country.


  15. Eugene, Oregon.
    I visit elderly shut-ins.
    One old gal retired to Eugene from Berkeley, California… after working at the university.
    But, wait, it gets worse…
    She wanted to see more of her new adopted homeland, so a couple-three years ago, we went on a tour of small-town Oregon.
    One stop was in Brownsville, a lovely rural burg of a couple thousand farmers and ranchers.
    Seated next to me, the stark raving socialist just about froze into solid hate:
    * every home and business flew Old Glory.
    * Trump signs were everyplace
    * the resident thoughts on open-carry were quite evident.
    She took weeks before her old-timers replaced this experience with something from Game Of Thrones.
    An aside:
    After spectating at the entire programming of Game Of Thrones, her old-timers required her to re-watch from the beginning.
    Just to be safe, she purchased the DVD packages, dozens and dozens of them because she forgot about the prior order, and the order before that.
    I was impressed.

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